Dresden Files: Twin Cities


Haunting Grounds, Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, 4:13pm:

More questions, who would’ve thought this supernatural stuff would be soooo boring.

Hazard Pay slipped out of the car after Alek parked and ducked past Sister Dark to get into the soup kitchen.

Basilica of St. Mary

Saint Mary’s always has the best grub.

She works her way through the crowds of people, when four men catch her eye. They look different from the usual customers and one has a strange marking tattooed on his hand.

Hmmm, I think I remember those scary dudes who were walking around, I think they were Wyvern Cultists.

She made her way to the restroom and found a quiet toilet. She removed one of the rolls of toilet paper and began making a little drawing, writing with a flourish, “Hazard Pay was Here.” She smiles to herself, when a sudden loud crash echoes out from behind the building.

Wyvern Cultist

Hazard darts out of the bathroom and into the crowd. She notices right away that the four cultists she saw earlier are just leaving the building. She pushes her way through the press of people and back outside. She can see the four men entering the construction site. Hazard Pay is desperate to get their attention and distract them, so she runs after them shouting, “Hey! You stop!”

Three of the men continue, unfazed by the yelling teenager. The fourth turns, drawing an automatic pistol from his vest and puts the barrel square into Hazard’s face. His voice, steady and firm, “Go away,” punctuated only with the cocking of the hammer.


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