A Great Dragon and Founder of DH Acqusitions

  • Name: Chrysophylax, the Great Leveler
  • Age: Immortal
  • Sex: Male
  • Faction: DH Acquisitions
  • Location: IDS Tower, or at least his Shadow resides there.
  • High Concept: A Great Dragon
  • Trouble: My Desire is a Void that MUST be Filled
  • Aspect: Wardkeeper of Gleipnir

Chrysopylax is a Great Dragon and geographically centered in Minnesota. He has become more interactive with mortals in the past twenty years. Windsor Simon Pearce is his acting Vizer and Financial Consultant. Chyrsophylax founded DH Acquisitions, LLC to expand his horde and to add objects that are singular in the universe to his collection. Since Pearce has become his intermediary, his horde has grown immensely. Little is known about Chrysophylax himself except that he is cunning, powerful and practically immortal. Chrysophylax has Power with a capital P. His actual presence could drive mortals insane, which is why he uses talented mortals such as Pearce as his representative. If he chooses to act himself, he can project a “shadow” of himself to exercise his power on a limited basis.

What is apparent is that Chyrsophylax is just as interested in adding up all the 1s and 0s as he is in counting his piles of gold. He also enjoys collecting “things” of power, of value, and are unique. He tends not to appreciate the difference between objects and people, well, except that people tend to be more valuable.

Events of Falling Star and Changing Faces:

It is difficult to know the difference between Pearce’s desires and that of Chyrsophylax. Chrysophylax wished to acquire Alison Harper for his horde because of her uniqueness. When Brittany Winters confronted Pearce on this issue, he noticed Brittany’s own “uniqueness” and desires to add her to his collection. (It should be noted that Chrysophylax tends his charges well. Pearce stated that Alison would have gone to the best schools and had the best opportunities to learn and grow.)

In Changing Faces, Craig Hale learned from Donald Morgan that Chrysophylax aided in the construction of Gleipnir. The Impossible Thing the the dragon gave up was the Generosisty of a Dragon. Using his Sight, he learned that Chrysophylax gave up the ability to have progeny. Chrysophylax and Pearce hosted a Galla to celebrate the founding of DH Acquisitions. His party was assaulted by Red Court vampires and the mystical might of Carlos Ortega, an ancient Red Court Duke.

Pearce was unable to withstand the might himself and Chrysophylax projected his shadow into the conflict. Even with his added presence, the duel was at a standstill. It wasn’t until Brittany and Steve McCellan arrived that the duel tipped in Chrysophylax’s favor and he destroyed Ortega. His shadow also confronted Ripley who was stealing the Generosity of the Dragon at the behest of Blackthorn. She implicated Blackthorn in its theft, Chrysophylax let her go if she returned the Generosity back to him. She agreed and the Dragon promised never to forget.

In Chrysophylax’s estimation he has Brittany Winters and Steve McCellan on the positive side of his ledger. Blackthorn and Ripley are on the negative side. Either way, Chrysophylax hates having debts.


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