David Anderson

Mayor of Saint Paul

  • High Concept: Politician with a Golden Tongue
  • Trouble: I Have to Protect all my People

People sometimes rise in times of Crisis and David Anderson is one of those peoples. With the news media trumpeting the terrorist attack in Minneapolis and then the following economic flight; David Anderson was able to provide much needed leadership for the metro area.

He was able to provide stability towards Saint Paul and then towards Minneapolis. His confident leadership style and his ability to communicate effectively has garnered him national attention. People report that meeting him that they feel mesmerized by his meer presence and the ease in which they are able to speak with him. He is currently garnering support to make a run for the Governorship. He has the backing of many local and national businesses, as well as the common people. Baldur Vadderung has been driving fundraisers to build a campaign “war chest”. David has also hired a new chief of staff and campaign strategist, Robert Walker.

David Anderson

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