Gruffs are Seelie Soldiers (pg. 47 OW)


Gruffs usually stand between 5’ to 6’ tall (though some are much, much larger). Usually white-furred, they are packed with muscle. Their heads are goatlike, with forward curling horns. Their eyes are usually yellow, with rectangular pupils. Their legs are reverse-jointed, and they have hooved feet. Alas, they also give off a scent that smells something between a skunk and a barrel of rotting eggs. Gruffs and trolls are historic enemies, and gruffs are known for killing trolls; all gruffs are related as “brothers.”

  • High Concept: Gruff

They are coordinated and tough, they have to be when they specialized in killing trolls. Summer finds that this skill set can be used on all sorts of tough opponents. They are equally adept at using oaken cudgels or submachine guns.


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