A Man in Horned Rim Glasses

  • Name: “The Man With the Horned Rimmed Glasses” or possibly “Robert Walker”
  • Age: Appears to be in his mid 40s
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Downtown Saint Paul
  • Faction: Mortals?
  • High Concept: A Totally Unassuming Man, Yep, That’s All There is, Really…..

The Man With the Horned Rimmed Glasses goes by many names, but one thing is consistent he is remarkably in the “know” about the affairs of the Supernatural World and he is flushed with cash. He tends to hire or recruit people, mostly humans, with supernatural abilities to deal with touchy issues, such as killing monsters, rescuing individuals from certain doom, and recovering objects of a specialized nature.

He is stern and determined and appears to be not by fazed by things that most mortals would run screaming from.

Events in Falling Star and Changing Faces:

The Man in Horned Rimmed Glasses hired Thomas Owens and Brittany Winters to locate Alison Harper and bring her to him, so that he could take her into hiding. He assisted Brittany in escaping Alice LaRue and Monoc Securities. The investigators asked if he could take Alison and her parents into hiding. He revealed that would be impossible because of the deal Allen Harper made with the Winter Court. Alison then declined his offer of assistance.

The Man in Horned Rimmed Glasses makes another appearance in Changing Faces. He steals the Generosity of a Dragon from Peter Capra. He implores Thomas and Rosalie Pearson to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, when he then gets assaulted by a shapeshifter and knocked down a hallway.

He has recently reappeared taking the name “Robert Walker” and working as David Anderson’s chief of staff in Saint Paul City Hall. He has also been a driving force behind the campaign to elect David Anderson to the Governor’s Office.


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