John Wesley Jacobs III

A Broken War Hero who is on the Edge

  • High Concept: Afghanistan War Veteran Haunted by the Dead
  • Trouble: I can Still Serve
  • John has spoken to Jenny of the River Stones and Sylivia the Blue Eyed on more than one occurrence, but he wants very little to do with either of them.
  • John has served with Sister Dark in Afghanistan, he knows that she visits, but he is just reminded of the guilt he feels every time he sees her.

Since John was a small child, all he wanted to do was serve in the military like his father and his grandfather. He heard their war stories and wanted to be a hero. When 9/11 occurred, John was already joined up and he readily served a tour in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

On his third tour he returned to Iraq and his company was ambushed about 10 miles out of Fallujah by Iraqis Insurgents. Military records are scant after the initial reports as something caused all electronic equipment in the area to go haywire. Reports then indicate that a large explosion occurred destroying both John’s company and the Insurgents (along with everything in a 2 mile radius) with John being the only survivor.

Events during Helping Hand:

Sister Dark requested the assistance of Craig Hale to help her reach out to Jacobs. She was afraid that he was losing himself and knows that there are rumors that he can access the arcane. Craig had also heard rumors to that affect, and after an appeal to his vanity, agreed to help. Crow Sings and Bobby Chan also had their own, unknowing, run-in with Jacobs when they were kidnapped by Spectres and thrown through a portal into the Nevernever where they end up reliving the a nightmare of Jacobs’s experience in Iraq.

Sister Dark and Craig attempt to reach out to Craig, but because of the curse placed on them by Sylivia of the Winter Court, he mistook them for Ghouls. Jacobs responded to their presence by hurling fire at them and then fleeing into the Nevernever. Craig flooded Jacobs house in an attempt to ground out any defensive magics in place, unfortunately he also destroyed the research and plans Jacobs had drawn up. Instead of following Jacobs, Craig preformed a ritual where he was able to snatch glimpses of the past and was able to make out a complex ritual involving Indian Mounds Park, Fort Snelling’s National Cemetery, HCMC, and Witch’s Hat Tower at the center.

Meanwhile in the Nevernever, Bobby and Crow Sings witness the event where Jacobs was so scarred. It appears that with the death of his company, he ended up breaking The First Law of Magic. Bobby also realizes that some entity is torturing him with this experience and feeding off the energy. He and Crow Sings eventually find their way out of the illusion. They are ejected from the Nevernever into Jacob’s home where they run into Craig and Sister Dark.

After the confrontation with the Stone Dragon, Bobby and Crow Sings go drinking and Crow Sings remembers that Jacobs was doing some ritual magic at HCMC. They resolve to approach the issue and end up confronting Jacobs before he could begin to conjure Zombies. They learn that Jacobs had a run-in with the Man in Embers who foretold the destruction of the city unless Jacobs acted against Evan St. Claire and his army of Ghouls. Jacobs had been twisting the ghosts at various cemeteries or places of death into Spectres and sending them to Witch’s Hat Tower to defend them from the Ghouls. He felt that they were not powerful enough and was going to create Zombies to “save the city.” Bobby and Crow Sings convince Jacobs that is a bad idea, Bobby relays his own experience with the Man in Embers, but find themselves going with him to Witch’s Hat Tower to confront Evan St. Claire.

At the tower, Jacobs resorts to more destructive magic when he sees that his army of Spectres are being outmatched by the Ghouls. Bobby is able to calm him down and when he uses his Clarity of Mind potion he learns that a Mara has been causing his nightmare and feeding off his violent and chaotic behavior. He is able to expel the Mara from Jacobs. A calmer Jacobs then resorts to more defensive magic, allowing Bobby to ultimately approach Evan and begin the events that lead to the Blacken Denarius’s destruction. (Craig also realizes later that the reason the Spectres attacked him and Sister Dark when they approached Witch’s Hat Tower was because they looked like Ghouls because of the Winter Court Curse.)

Jacobs has demonstrated greater mental stability and is helping Sister Dark with her outreach of veterans. Craig is suspicious of Jacobs’s actions, but is unaware that he has broken a Law of Magic.

John Wesley Jacobs III

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