A Knight of the Cross

  • Name: Sanya
  • Age: Unknown
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: Unknown
  • Factions: Faiths, Mortals
  • High Concept: Knight of the Cross
  • Trouble: Do the Right Thing
  • Aspect: Esperacchius, Sword of Hope

You don’t often see a tall, young black man with a thick Russian accent, but that is Sanya. His z dark, intense eyes seem to peer into you. He’s a mix of interesting semi-contradictions: he’s a black Russian, he’s a Communist Trotskyite, he’s an agnostic Knight of the Cross.

He’s also an ex-Denarian—considered to be a traitor by the Order of the Blackened Denarius—redeemed and then recruited by Shiro Yoshimo into the Knights.

In his youth, Sanya was a freakish outsider in Russia: angry, poor, desperate, and black. He was a perfect recruit for the Denarians—who drew him in using Tessa’s second, Rosanna.
As the mortal host of Magog, Sanya indulged in every vice one could possibly imagine. He obeyed Tessa’s commands dutifully. At the end of five years, Sanya was little more than a beast who walked upright.

However, over time, Rosanna did him wrong. In Venice, Sanya overheard Rosanna’s report to Tessa and found out what his lover really thought of him. In that moment, he won free of the Denarians. He left the apartment, dropped his coin in a convenient canal, and was met by Shiro.

The pair traveled to Malta, where they met Michael (the Archangel, not the Knight). The Prince of the Host brought Esperacchius, the Sword of Hope, and bestowed it upon Sanya. Since then, Sanya has been a stalwart Knight of the Cross, in service to the common good—if not the Almighty, whom he has trouble believing in completely.

Sanya does the work because it must be done. b He is the wielder of Esperacchius, but eschews old-school style armor in favor of a Kevlar vest.

He’s good with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Interestingly, he is a lineal descendent of Saladin.

Events after Helping Hand and A Band of Barristas:

Sanya made an appearance at the Helping Hands Shelter when Brittany Winters, Craig Hale, and Sister Dark were confronting Aaron Douglas and his pack of Ghouls. Sanya helped drive off Douglas when Mog, a member of the Blacken Denarius. He then rushed to the confrontation at Witch’s Hat Tower where he was critically injured by Mog.

In Band of Barristas, he engaged in a romantic relationship with Brittany as he recovered from his injuries. They parted feeling “fond” for each other.


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