Dresden Files: Twin Cities

A Tale of Murder, Mayhem and Ghosts

Haunting Grounds, Part 2

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The Story

Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis 5:30pm:
Basilica of St. Mary

With the Wyvern Cultists defeated and the sound of impending sirens, the investigators take the time to search Bobby’s RV. Craig is able to locate the remains of some kind of charm that triggered the Entropy Curse. Hazard Pay stumbles across a scared construction worker who was hiding during the armed conflict. Brittany and Alek are able to convince the man to give an honest and heroic accounts of their activities when the police arrive.

Bobby’s RV

Craig then veils everyone, except for Alex who chooses to saunter out of the Alley, because of an impending arrival of a police chopper. They decide to seek sanctuary in the nearby Basilica. Unfortunately, Special Agent Gregory Irons and Detective Jack Hunter are waiting at the entrance. Craig notices that Irons is holding a cold iron talisman which can let the wielder peer through veils and realizes that they are noticed. Fortunately, the other police officers are in the construction site and it appears they are locked in detailed communication with the traumatized worker.

Special Agent Irons

Irons confronts the investigators about the earlier gunfight. The conversation culminates in Craig agreeing to go to the Major Case Squad headquarters in Saint Paul and be questioned further by Irons. Luckily for him when Alek meets up with them, he and Hunter convince Irons to let Alek drive Craig to the nearby Minneapolis station and avoid any complications with Bridges….and Fairies. Brittany is greeted by Sister Dark and ushered into the church, avoiding Irons altogether. Hazard Pay panics during the conversation with Irons when faced with law enforcement and her own illegal activities. She runs off into the dark city alone leaving the others behind.

Enroute to the Minneapolis Police Station, Minneapolis, 6:15pm:

The stormy skies darken the remaining evening light, causing the street lamps to turn on early. Alek and Craig’s trip are interrupted by broken down pizza delivery truck blocking the road and two men arguing. Before they can act they both turn to look at a nearby roof where they see Colin Peterson armed with a high-powered rifle assailed by Hazard Pay with a can of yellow spray paint.

Colin Peterson

When Hazard Pay ran from the authorities, she encountered the Spirit of Minneapolis. The Spirit directed Hazard to a nearby rooftop. Hazard then saw that Colin Peterson was hiding in the shadows and aiming his rifle at the car that Alek and Craig were in. She thought quickly and broke open two spray paint cans, hurling them at Colin. Despite being blinded by yellow paint, Colin still had the two dead in his sights. He squeezes the trigger, his rifle scope centered on Craig’s forehead and then experiences his second interruption for the night.


Earlier in the evening Daniel Sparrow landed at the Minneapolis International Airport and met with the Man in the Horned Rimmed Glasses. He was hired by HRG to put an end to the ghostly murders that are plaguing the city using any means necessary. HRG indicated that he would have hired Brittany Winters to look into this business, but she appears to already be looking into the matter and his other agent, Thomas Owens, is now “compromised.” HRG provides Daniel with some basic information about the other investigators, a vehicle, and a radio tuned into EMS and Commercial traffic.

Daniel, listening to the radio, heard the chaos, caused by the gunfight headed towards the basilica. He then heard radio traffic over a commercial channel. His experience as a mercenary allowed him to realize it was a coded transmission to set-up an ambush to kill two people.

It was this information that led Daniel to have his vehicle parked and his rifle trained on Colin Peterson from a darkened street. Before Colin was able to squeeze off the bullet that would have ended Craig’s life. Daniel fires his own rifle. Colin, dazed from yellowed spray paint, has his rifle blasted from his hands. Unfortunately, other Mobsters were waiting in ambush. The two men arguing by the pizza truck reach into the vehicle and draw heavy machineguns, training them on Alek and Craig’s vehicle. Two other cars containing more armed thugs swerve out of the Alleyway.


Craig extends his spiritual armor over the vehicle, causing the headlights a moment flutter. Alek slams on the accelerator ramming the truck and the two men between them, not before one is able to pepper his vehicle with shots. The two other vehicles are in fast pursuit and Daniel fires off another round, hitting the fuel tank in one of the vehicles and starting a leak.

Above the actions Hazard Pay and Colin both notice that the street lights are suddenly burning out and shattering, along with a sudden decrease in air temperature. Colin glares at the street artist and disappears into the night, but not before Hazard snatches the cap from his head. She, seeing the car chase, takes a running leap off the building and onto the roof of one of the pursuing vehicles.

Daniel’s second shot kills a thug in the backseat, preventing the sniper from taking out the driver on one the vehicles. Craig’s spiritual armor nearly shatters as another vehicle rams into theirs. Alek’s quick driving though, causes the vehicle with the leaking gas tank and Hazard Pay on-top to pass by and into the intersection before them. Only to be suddenly t-boned by Brittany Winters driving Bobby’s RV, the thugs careen out of control and Hazard Pay is hurled from the top of the vehicle. She, through almost superhuman dexterity, is able to grab onto a nearby tree branch and swing safely onto the street.

The thugs’ vehicle explodes in a surprising inferno of heat, the fire flares as a high a crackling voice chants, “Ashes, Ashes, we all fall DOOOOWWWWWNNNN!”

Tendrils of fire lash out at the remaining mobsters and investigators. Alek and Craig are protected by the spiritual armor, unfortunately the car gives away with the engine dropping out from the body and forcing a sudden stop. The remaining thugs are not as lucky as the flame envelops some of them, laughing at their screams as they burn to death. Brittany, singed from the flame, uses her supernatural strength and rips open a fire hydrant. While Craig and Alek were driving to the station, Sister Dark had blessed Brittany. The Slayer transfers that blessing to the quickly pooling water from the hydrant. The Ghost of Flame and Despair screams in rage before being dissipated by the power of the now holy hydrant.

The remaining mobsters back quickly away and drive off. Daniel drives over to the other investigators and introduces himself, mentioning the contract that he was hired for by HRG. Craig investigates the remains the fire ghost, he looks towards the others, “These Ghosts have only seemed to be striking at us or these or members of the Genovese Family. It can’t be a coincidence, with night coming these attacks are only going to get worse. I have this charm, I can track it, but I need to get to a safe place.”

After a quick conference the investigators decide to return to the Basilica of Saint Mary.

Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, 6:43pm:

Alek talks them past some of the officers at the crime scene. At the church door they are greeted by a tense Sister Dark, who ushers them inside. “Get in here quickly, something or someone has been killing the police officers. When I saw you approach the church they began raiding the SWAT van nearby and gearing up to assault the building. Whatever business you have you must get about it quickly, I will hold them off as best as I can.”

Sister Dark

Not wanting to abandon the Nun the investigators decide to help defend the church. They raid Sister Dark’s armory, while Craig and Hazard begin to prepare a space by the alter for the tracking ritual. Alek takes position at the entry and monitors the security cameras. Focusing some of the in, he is able to identify the people masquerading as police officers as more Wyvern Cultists. He then calls out movements and information to Sister Dark, Daniel, and Brittney. Sister Dark and Daniel take position atop the church and begin to snipe at the separate entry teams.

Brittany, armed in Riot Gear, moves out to the back area of the church and engages the entry team there in hand to hand combat. She charges through them, surprising the cultists, dropping a flash bang behind her blinding them. Daniel covers Brittany, gunning down Cultists who had taken vantage points in the construction yard. Alek notices that one back by the van is pulling out an RPG and aiming at the church. Brittney times a quick throw of the Ghost Axe and hits the head of the missile as it is firing. The cultist, RPG, and Van erupt in a ball of flame.


Two of the breaching parties reach the church door. One of them manages break a window and throw a grenade through the opening. Hazard Pay reacts with speed and knocks it away from her and Craig, but towards the front hall of the church and Alek. Alek jumps into the main area of the church, avoiding the worse of the explosion as it blasts the front door. Sanya makes a surprise appearance and helps the investigators battle the remaining cultists.


Craig is able to maintain his concentration and completes the tracking spell. He gets a vision of the HCMC building and remembers Bobby mentioning that at one time Jacobs had used the old morgue in the basement. Sanya urges the investigators on and they decide to escape into the sewers.

To be continued…


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