Dresden Files: Twin Cities

A Time of Unreasonable Men

Haunting Grounds, Part 3

    Hospital Spokesperson states that blackouts are no concern    Gas Explosion Closes Augie’s      Department of Homeland Security Arrests Nefarious Mob Boss – Minnesota Public Radio News    

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The Story

Beneath Saint Mary’s Basilica, Minneapolis, 7:45pm:
Basilica of St. Mary

The investigators make their way through the secret catacombs and sewer entrances that lead to the nearby Saint Thomas University campus. During that time they take a moment to outline the information they know.

  • Ghosts and Spirits are being agitated about the city, they are being directed at the mob and the investigators
  • Peter Capra’s gang is going around and intimidating business owners in Minneapolis to sell their property to real estate magnate Reynard Loke
  • It sounds like a new and powerful Spirit has come to life in Minneapolis because of the Magical Energies released by Hale, Pearce, and Ortega during Changing Faces.
  • This Spirit appears to be used against its will to summon lesser ghosts
  • Jacobs and Magnus appear to be attempting to control the Spirit through Magic, Reynard Loke may also be interested. Owning the majority of Minneapolis would end up tying the Spirt to him.
  • Craig has the remains of a Charm used in creating the Entropy Curse. It is leading them towards HCMC. Craig remembers that Bobby had stated that Jacobs used an abandoned sub-basement of the hospital for some of his ritual magic.
Steve McCellan

While the investigators discussed the information they had uncovered, their conversation was interrupted by several phone calls. Brittney received a call from Steve stating that crooked police officers have taken custody of Grace and Bethany when they went to make a police report about the ransacked Sacred Grounds. Steve thinks that they are going to be held hostage by Capra. He also warns Brittney that they know that Hazard has Colin’s hat and what can be done with it. Alek also receives a call from Jack Hunter. Jack shares that Special Agent Irons has put out an APB for Craig Hale and wants him taken into custody immediately. Craig wants to turn himself in and before he can act on that plan, Alek knocks him out.

Det. Hunter
Det. Lt. Vincent

The investigators decide that they need to start taking control of some of these issues and decide to confront Jacobs at HCMC. On the way, Alek gets a second phone call from the Vincent. He indicates that the Capras have Grace and Bethany hostage and they want Brittany and Craig to eliminate the threats of Jacobs and Magnus. Through gritted teeth they decide to continue towards Jacobs. Brittany gets a recording of the call that Alek forwards on to the man in horned rimmed glasses.

Horned Rimmed Glasses

A combination of Alek’s contacts and Hazard Pay’s ability to break and entering, the investigators find themselves going into the abandoned sub basements of HCMC with an unconscious Craig in tow. Without Craig’s awareness they trigger a ward that causes them all to fall under the influence of an entropy curse, which promptly attempts to drop the stairwell atop of them.

They end up in the lowest parts of the sub-basement. Hazard Pay opts to sneak forward, while Daniel scavenges some medical supplies and weaponry. His own armaments were damaged in the fall down the collapsing stairwell. Hazard Pay comes upon an old morgue where she sees Jacobs in his military uniform sitting in the middle of a ritual circle. The entropy curse causes her to be sucked into the Jacob’s ritual spell.

Bobby Chan

Inside the circle she sees a spectral version of Jacobs trying to shackle the Spirit of Minneapolis. Hazard also sees a dark hand attempting to ensnare her too. About the circle, angered ghosts are pounding at the wards attempting to attack Jacobs. Hazard can make out in a quiet part of the basement the ghost of Bobby standing bewildered. He briefly flickers inside the circle when Hazard Pay shows Bobby her satchel.

Spirit of Minneapolis

Craig finally becomes conscious and identifies the circle as a summoning circle to trap a spirit. He thinks he can garner control of it. Alek, Brittany and Daniel are able to convince Jacobs to relinquish control, but not before finding out that he was attempting to use the Spirit of Minneapolis to frighten off the Capra gang who were intimidating business owners. Jacobs also reveals that he is in a battle to control the Spirit with Magnus. The distraction causes Jacobs to pass out.


Brittany, using the power of the axe, is able to see and speak to Bobby amongst the miasma of ghosts. She encourages Bobby to help Hazard Pay. Once Jacobs passes out, the ghosts attempting to gain entry of the circle turn and attack the other investigators, primarily attempting to get to Craig. Brittany, Alek, and Daniel are able to keep the ghosts away from Craig. Each ghost that Brittany’s axe slays whispers an anguish sigh of thanks.
Inside the circle, Hazard grabs the Spirit and attempts to pull her away from the spiritual grasp of Magnus. Bobby is able to gain entrance to the circle because of the strong personal connection the medicine bag that Hazard Pay now has. Bobby ends off being flicked into the ether by Magnus’s energy, but the distraction allows Hazard to draw the Spirit of Minneapolis inside of her. The Spirit, now anchored in the mortal world, is harbored from Magnus’s assault and the frost giant withdraws. Hazard’s doesn’t escape the possession unscathed as her eyes turn to a deep blue and her hair goes white.

The investigators realize that they can’t continue running from the police, sorcerers and the mob. They contact Vincent to make a deal and instead reach Special Agent Irons who indicates that Vincent has been relieved from duty because of an anominous tip off he received regarding the detective’s corruption. They are able to convince Irons to give them some time to resolve several of the issues, with Irons indicating that he would not actively seek them out, but making no guarantees if he crosses their path.

Special Agent Irons

Using the power of the Spirit, who appears to be somewhat hostile towards Craig, the investigators are able to ascertain that Grace and Bethany are being held at Augie’s. Craig and Brittany nearly butt heads when Craig realizes that Jacobs is a Lawbreaker. She ends up granting Jacobs sanctuary at Sacred Grounds. Craig relents and the investigators leave him at Sacred Grounds as they proceed to Augie’s.

Augie’s Lounge, Minneapolis, 8:43pm:

They arrive to the Gentleman’s club to find it, surprisingly closed down with the lights off. It becomes quickly apparent that someone has created a fairly strong ward. Brittany attempts to use brute force to bash her way through, however the ward proves stronger than they realize. Hazard Pay has a knack for being where you least expected and was able to prowl along the roof of the building. Here she finds an Asgardian Shrine atop the building. Empowered by the Spirit she shatters the shrine with a quick kick.


On the ground below, the other investigators see a dark swirl of clouds as a supernaturally strong gust of wind bellows past them. The wards about the building fail. Alek, Brittany and Daniel charge into the building. They notice in the darkness that some of Capra’s thugs are using night vision goggles and hiding in the shadows. Daniel and Alek use that moment to set the bar afire, blinding them. Brittany is able to cut a significant number down with her ghost axe. Craig veils himself and heads to the back stairwell.

Peter Capra

Hazard Pay finds herself sucked into dark vortex and suddenly appears on the top floor of Augie’s. There she confronts a solitaire playing Peter and a tea sipping Loke. She attempts to joke her way free, but both Peter and Loke remain unfazed by her efforts. Fortunately Peter finds himself drawn away by the confrontation downstairs.

Reynard Loke

Unbeknownst to the other investigators, Colin was watching them unobserved. He takes the opportunity to ambush them from behind and fills the room with bullets as he unloads with a heavy machinegun. He mows down the remaining mobsters and wounds both Brittany and Daniel. Alek was able to duck behind a heavy wooden table. Craig crosses paths with a trigger happy Peter, who takes a shot, nearly hollowing out the Wizard’s head. Craig ends up breaking the stairwell and dropping Peter into the basement. The Wizard continues upwards.

Colin Patterson

Colin, realizing that he has lost the element of surprise, disappears into the smoke and shadows. Brittany heads downstairs and finds an unconscious Grace and Bethany tied to a chair. She also finds herself face to face with an angry Peter Capra. She is quickly joined by Daniel and Alek. Peter attempts to threaten the lives of Grace and Bethany, but is quickly overpowered by the combined effort of the investigators. Peter, wounded, surrenders, but not before Daniel takes the opportunity to fire a round into Peter’s kneecap, driving the mobster to his knees. Alek calls Irons and lets him know about the Capra gang and their escapades.

Upstairs Craig joins Hazard as they confront Loke. The real estate mogul quickly realizes that the mobsters have failed and reveals himself to be the Asgardian God of Trickery, Loki. Loki acknowledges their efforts, but warns Craig that nothing will stop him from freeing his child. Loki then vanishes, leaving behind a map of the city showing the location of Magnus.

To Be Continued….


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