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Haunting Grounds, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Downtown Minneapolis, 11:30am:

Brittney and Hazard Pay peer down the busy street towards Mr. Chen’s. The Slayer grabs Hazard by the arm and pulls her back, “Careful, we don’t want legal attention.”

Downtown Minneapolis

Every time I take the Way to Sacred Grounds Too, it reminds me that I got Chrysophylax breathing down my back. At least I have a Great Dragon keeping the Fairies at bay.

As they ponder their next steps, a slightly inebriated Alek steps out from Augie’s, blinking his blurry eyes. Brittney waves him over and Alek briskly meets-up with the other two. Before they can continue their conversation, a blast of light momentarily erupts in the alleyway next to them and Craig Hale along with Bethany Tempest stumble into the street.

Bethany Tempest

The investigators quickly confer, sharing their experiences. They decide that they will check-out the nearby rooftop before moving forward with other issues. All of them had concerns about the appearance of various ghosts. Alek takes them towards the office building. With a smile and a flash of his badge he gains them entrance and guidance to the rooftop. Hazard elects to go another way and quickly bounds up the side of the building to hide in a shadow. The quick-eyed investigators are not taken in by Hazard’s antics and quickly begin to survey the building.

Craig, Alek and Brittney find the remains of a ritual circle that Craig identifies its use in summoning. They also stumble across a torn page from a journal and footprints from military boots. Craig recognizes the glyphs used and remembers thatJacobs used magic that looks similar. Alek also notices with interest that from the top of the roof he can see other buildings and all of them have been bought out by Loke.

Craig takes the journal and looks at Bethany for a second, “With this page I can locate the book, perhaps even the person who owns it.”

Both Alek and Brittany nod in agreement, while Hazard Pay makes a bored sigh.

Craig takes some supplies from Bethany and begins to draw out his divination ritual spell to locate the page. He quietly instructs Bethany on the crafting of circles. Hazard grows fidgety and while the others are distracted darts down into the office building. A not as distracted as he appears Alek, grunts, “I will be back, I can’t have her lurking around the building unattended.”

Craig, who is already channeling energy, and Brittany both nod. Bethany begins a small chant, hoping to aid Craig in his casting. Alek isn’t gone long, when Brittany suddenly hears frantic whispers from the Ghost Ax, the blade buries itself suddenly into the rooftop. She glances at Craig, “I have to go, there is danger close.”

Craig nods, waving for Brittany to leave. He picks up the pace of his divination, drawing in more energy, his brow furrows as he gathers his focus and concentrates, feeling the flow of magic. Craig gets a distinct feeling drawing him away from downtown. Looking from atop the roof his gaze settles on the Basilica of Saint Mary.

“Bethany, let’s get downstairs and see what this danger is,” Craig shakes his head briefly, drawing his attention back to the present. Bethany goes to the door and gasps, as green vines spring from the ground and dark mold rapidly grows about the door frame, swelling it shut.


“Now that you are alone, Wizard Hale, we have the matter of a broken promise to discuss,” the jubilant voice of Puck bounces through the air. The mischief maker suddenly appears, balancing atop the ledge of the building.

Craig rubs his temples, “Puck, I don’t have time for this, there was nothing I could do, Chrysophylax was right there, besides it seems pretty safe in his possession.”

Puck waggles a finger, “All of that is immaterial, I do not have the Generosity of a Dragon and you broke your word. Of course you can make this all go away, one year as my servant and we can let bygones be bygones.”

Bethany glares at Puck, “You can’t take him away, we need him.”

The air about Bethany grows thick with anger, Craig places a restraining hand on Bethany’s shoulder. He turns to the impish fairy, “I could always go to the Winter Court, and they offered to settle the debt for another year with the Way Nexus. I’m inclined to accept.”

Puck’s sudden smile takes Craig back as the Sidhe Lord does a little skip and a twirl, “Done, excellent, even better than I thought!”

As suddenly as the Summer Lord appeared, he was gone, leaving the two alone on the roof. Craig scratches his head in confusion when he hears shouts from the street below. He sees police officers suddenly run into the office building.


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