Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Dealings & Dragons II

A Ripley Adventure

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The Story

Continued from [[Dealings & Dragons | Dealings & Dragons]]

The night was wet and unseasonably cool. The crazy wizard keeps making deals with the Winter Court and here we are with a cold spring.

Ripley scratches briefly at her neck before padding forward. She catches the scent she searches for, it is as cold as the night air and remote, full of secrets. Luckily, Ripley comes with a few secrets of her own. She pads down the alleyway keeping to the shadows. The rest of her “pack” lurks in the darkness behind her. Ripley comes eventually to Alice LaRue, leaning against the side of a brick building as she gazes at the flickering light coming from a window from the warehouse across the street.

Ripley pads up besides the mercenary and settles on her haunches. Alice is not wearing her finely cut blazer, pencil skirt, and high heels. Instead, she has on a dark turtle neck with heavy black pants. She has traded her heals in for boots, her one hand holds a cellphone, the other a duffle bag. Alice taps the screen of the cellphone and Windsor Simon Pearce’s cracks out of the speaker.

“Greetings, Freeholding Lady of Sacred Grounds, Pack Leader of the Lost Girls.”

Ripley recognizes the voice and the power behind it. She last heard the voice when Sacred Grounds received a call informing her of Brittany’s untimely death. Ripley got the news before Alek, Craig or Hazard Pay were able to tell her themselves. The presence she knows, the one that makes her wary is that of Chrysophylax. She knows the depth of the Dragon’s power. She felt its fury the night she held the Generosity of a Dragon in her maw.

Pearce continues, “This should conclude our bargain for this evening. This should be the last of the….fools who followed the pretender Magnus. I wish you happy hunting, these morons destroyed a valuable investment…one whose loss…I lament greatly.”

Ripley narrows her eyes and LaRue hangs up the phone. More shadows come down the alley, girls in dark cloaks and robes, moving with the prowl of hunters. LaRue opens up the duffle bag and drops it at their feet. Various pistols and weaponry clatter against the concrete, “There are about a dozen of those Wyvern Cultists holed up in the warehouse. There are a few with some talent,” Alice glances at the window, “I didn’t like Brittany and I don’t like you. You both are chaos and interfere with operations of the Cities. Just one such as these are the greater danger tonight. This is the third time they have tried to reach out for the spirit of Magnus, make it their last.”

Ripley bares her teeth in response. The Valkyrie nods, she turns to the others, “I have taken care of the “Local Authorities” you should have no interference this night.”

She disappears down the alleyway as Jane and Grace step forward. They kneel by the duffle bag and begin to hand out the weaponry to the other girls, arming them. Ripley suddenly lets out a howl full of fury and the promise of bloodshed, the girls let out their own howl and dart across the street. Ripley bares her teeth, feeling the wind and the rain in her fur. Her body warms as the Hunt begins.

My friend will be avenged!


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