Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Destination Truth-ish

A Spencer Winfield Report

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The Story

In the course of writing a story on Mexico City’s earthquakes uncovering Teotihuacán Ruins, Spencer decides to take a look at the supposedly haunted tourist location of “La Isla De Las Munecas” (The Island of Lost Dolls). Upon arriving, he’s surprised to find Joshua Gates and the crew of Destination Truth as they’re setting up for an overnight stay on the island. After a bit of conversation, Spencer is surprised (and pleased) to find out that Joshua reads his articles in the Southwestern Arcane and is asked if he’ll lend his experience to the investigation. As the crew goes about recording their experience on the island Spencer learns that while the island is not haunted, it is considered the territory of a nasty water-fae. Throughout the night, Spencer makes his way around the island setting up wards in order to protect himself and the crew from the creature, all the while attempting to hide his actions and intentions. Upon comparing notes in the morning, Spencer allows the crew to go on believing the island to be haunted… and doesn’t let on how he had to use a few of the dolls in his warding spell. Thankfully his actions kept him off the cameras.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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