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You are truly….unique, my employer applauds your actions today as they were inventive. While you may no longer a pawn, you are still a piece on the board and you will need….allies, in your new position. You should still know that Patronage is available.

Windsor S. Pearce


While given my new position and standing within the community may lead to possible future alliances, I hold faith that any such dealings would be brief and tentative in nature. While your employer’s… opinion of my character is apt, one of the things that makes me so “unique,” is my fierce sense of independence. As such, any allegiances I choose to procure shall happen on my terms. Please inform your employer that at this time, I am disinclined to acquiesce to his offer of Patronage.

Ms. Winters

Ms. Winters,

“Independence” and “Free Will” are the conceit of the ignorant. Your steps have been set in stone since the day you picked up the ghostly ax that slew your parents. The sooner you except the constraints of your destiny, the sooner you can experience clarity and a true understanding of the nature of the universe. It is better to have a puppet master you know than the one you do not.

Windsor S. Pearce

Mr. Pearce,

“Free Will” as I’ve been made to understand it is one of the tenets upon which the White Council was founded… and as I’m have been made to understand, one of the things you yourself so vehemently upheld, before you threw in your lot for quick power under your current puppet master.

Putting that matter aside, I have difficulty putting any faith into this concept that my steps are set in stone. Were this the case, I can’t help but believe that you and your employer would have had some form of forewarning about my change of status in the supernatural community. Personally I feel this harassment being leveled towards me, is due to the fact that I not only took Alison Harper out of your grasp, but that I slipped your net as well.

Good Day,
Ms. Winters

Ms. Winters,

You successfully took Ms. Harper beyond everyone’s grasp, including her own. As to the tenets of the White Council, the Council is founded on a lie and perpetuates the rot it stands against. Your ignorance and desire for faith, are, quite frankly amusing. Ask your friend, Craig, about the Travesty at Archangel. Ask where Magnus got the knowledge to craft such a ritual as the one he partook the other night. You flounder Ms. Winders as you cling to your “faith,” you got a young girl killed as you clutch at your delusions. Hopefully, soon you will see clearly you will understand the truth of these things.

I apologize if my efforts in illumination and education were seen as harassment. Perhaps as you grow in wisdom you will learn better who to turn to for guidance. I hope your “faith” in free will doesn’t cost you something more dear to your heart.

Windsor S. Pearce

Mr. Pearce,

First off, let’s set the record straight, I helped deliver Ms. Harper to Accorded Neutral Ground where she was to decide her own fate. The consequences of that decision are out of my hands. Second, guilt is not a game you play well… I grew up the daughter of devout Catholic parents and carry around the ax that took their lives. I know guilt.

As for Magnus’ ritual… it’s been my experience that if someone is wanting to commit harm upon others, they will pursue that end until stopped by an outside force. Now, as for specifically where he gained the knowledge of the ritual… I don’t rightly care. Which probably works out in your employers favor as I believe the two where business partners for quite some time, if I am correct. Hmm.

Now to attend to your “Education and Illumination”… They are both unwarranted and unwanted. Beginning now, this conversation is concluded.

The Slayer


Well, “Slayer,” I had hoped you would not cling to your…limited experience, but alas you barely grasped the subtext of this conversation. Guilt, is such a small thing. If you will not seek education; well the World has a way of making up for those deficits.

I will consider this matter closed as well.

Windsor S. Pearce


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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