Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Heaven Kinda Sucks

A Bobby Chan Story

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The Story

Bobby Chan sees Ivory Tower going back up the stairs to Witch’s Hat Tower with the Warden and the Wizard. They don’t really see him. He can make out the image of a warrior behind him, armed with a giant sword. Bobby has some questions, but the giant warrior doesn’t really seem like the talkative type.

Bobby sighs. Well he thinks he sighs, its hard to tell without having lungs and all. He thought there would be more clouds or something. Time passes. (Bobby assumes time passes, as there isn’t anything really pressing him at the moment.) When he sees a shadowy figure come down the stairwell.

Crow Sings sneaks into the room, taking a sip of his hip flask. “I really didn’t want you to find out about this place. It has some bad juju here man.”

Bobby, not having any of the requisite parts one would need to make sound, much less speak, nods.

“Well, you’re stuck here, but I won’t forget you. They built a statue of you, you know? That young wizard with the stick up his ass, put up for it.” Crow Sings sits down and continues to drink from his flask, “It doesn’t make as good of weed as you did.”

Crow Sings finishes his whiskey and lights a joint taking a faint puff. Bobby really wishes he had the requisite parts to enjoy that too.

“What you did wasn’t for nothing, bad things are happening, and the other Wards,” Crow Sings points at them, “They’re Stupid,” Crow Sings taps his skull, “You’re Smart. You might actually help.”

He finishes the joint and stands, “Don’t worry, I’ll come visit. I’ll bring one of those portable DVD players or something, we can catch up on Breaking Bad or whatever.”

Crow Sings stands and Bobby watches him go. He sits down pondering the shaman’s words when he feels probing at the wards, something dark pressing on them. He sees flashes for a moment, visions of a Man in Embers….of a Fairy who got him in a ton of Fucking Trouble….Greedy Vampires…and others, so many others. They are feeling for weaknesses, searching for a way to sneak through.

Bobby quickly moves the energy in the Wards, directing it, pushing off each attack. He senses there are others here, surprised by what he does. Each Ward has a personality, has something behind it. As he moves actively to stop the probing, they lend their strength to his. Eventually the attacks fade away, but Bobby knows this won’t stop, but he’ll be ready. Hell, he doesn’t have anything else to do.


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