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Haunting Grounds, Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Downtown Minneapolis, 12:15pm:

Hazard Pay wasn’t able to get too far ahead of Alek before he called out to her. Hazard rolled her eyes and stopped as the harried investigator caught up to her. It wasn’t until she stopped moving that she noticed the office building’s interior was dark and cold. She could see her breath misting and felt the hair standing up on the back of her neck.

Downtown Minneapolis

Alek’s steps slowed then stopped. Sad memories began to flash through his mind. His wife and child, long since dead. Decades of debauchery began to mingle with dark thoughts. Hazard turned towards Alek, her eyes wide with fright. She knew this feeling, she saw what happened to those caught inside of it last night. She could see the forlorn, lost look in Alek’s eyes.

Hazard sees the Detective’s hand move towards his holster. The street artist moves fast and slips his pistol from his holster without his notice. She then snaps open the revolver and unloads the bullets. Before she can breathe a sigh of relief she notices that Alek also has an ankle holster.


Goddam boy scouts always over prepared.

It isn’t long before Brittany comes running down the stairs, moving in a blur. Her Ghost Axe glowing with a bleary light, bathing the room in an eldritch green glow. The figure of a woman, with the back of her head blown-out is revealed standing behind Alek. Her arms wrapped around his body, guiding his arms downwards towards his ankle holster. The lips of her ruined face pressed against Alek’s ear, whispering in a ghastly, desperate voice, “I was murdered by drunken men, they will pay, they will die by violence, die, diediedieDIE!”

Alek tries to pull free, the sorrow holding him close making him sluggish. Hazard takes a bullet and flicks it towards Alek, catching his attention allowing him to turn his face. Brittney lets out a yell and spins with a savage grace. The Ghost Axe makes a vicious arc, swishing above Alek’s head and neatly decapitating the ghost behind him. The chill suddenly leaves the room and Alek lurches forward with a start, filled with a sudden vitality as the despair flees from him.

“That, that was the ghost from last night!” Hazard stammers.

Brittany causes the axe to vanish again, “Well, it shouldn’t be bothering anyone anymore.”

Alek glances out the window and mutters an oath, he can see his boss, Lt. Jack Vincent and some officers heading towards their building. One of them his hurriedly pointing to the floor they are on as he is speaking to Vincent.

Det. Lt. Vincent

Alek looks towards the other two, “They probably saw us in here acting like a bunch of idiots.”

Hazard and Brittney make a start and dash back up the stairs to the rooftop. They find that the doorway is covered in vines and mold. Hazard notices a fire escape which she and Brittney step onto. Atop the roof Craig and Bethany huddle close and Craig draws on his will, bending light and air around the two of them. He creates a veil, hiding him from the sight of the police and step onto the fire escape. They clomp past Brittany and Hazard as they look at the adjoining building.

Alek shakes his head, cracks his neck, and then pops a breath mint before walking downstairs. He meets the officers and Vincent on the stairwell.

“Erikson,” the Lieutenant growls, “What the hell is going on up there?”

Alek smiles, “Nothing at all boss, just investigating the case. The roof offered a perfect view of the crime scene. I just thought it was interesting.”

Vincent meets Alek’s gaze, his burrow furrows, “Alek,” he says warningly, “just keep this simple.”

Alek makes a mocking little salute, “Will do chief,” before walking past the officers.

Agent Irons

Brittany and Hazard are having a little less luck. Special Agent Gregory Irons and Jack Hunter pull up to the crime scene. Agent Irons spots the two on the fire escape and begins to pull his radio from his belt. Hazard acts quickly and leaps from the fire escape to the next building. With a piece of wire and a flip of her wrist she unlatches the window and opens it. She then disappears into the next building. Brittany notices Hunter get out of the car and wink towards her. As Agent Irons begins to speak on the radio, Hunter fidgets with his and causes a loud squeal to interrupt his words.

Det. Hunter

Brittany takes the opportunity to leap into the next office building, disappearing into the maze of offices. Craig and Bethany, still under the cover of their veil, make it to the alleyway and dash off into the shadows. Alek makes his way to his unmarked squad car and drives off.

If I had to take a guess, I am betting that they are all going to head to Sacred Grounds.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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