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Haunting Grounds, Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Major Case Squad HQ, Downtown Saint Paul, 6:15am:

Alek, get your ass in here!” Detective Lieutenant Jack Vincent bellows from his office.

Det. Lt. Jack Vincent

Alek sighs, pocketing his badge and newly acquired gun. His first day on the job since suspension and he knew it was already off to a bad start. Alek made his way to Vincent’s office.

“Alek, this should be an easy one,” Vincent tosses Alek a thin case file, “A bunch of Capra’s goons committed suicide with a local businessman over in Minneapolis. Just confirm the M.E.’s findings and close the case.” Vincent points sternly at Alek, “Don’t fuck this up like the Alison Harper thing, I don’t want another dead child plastered all over the media.”

Det. Jack Hunter

Alek gives the Lieutenant a jaunty wave before stepping out of the office. He makes his way through the office area towards his partner, Jack Hunter, before he can greet his friend, Hunter cuts him off, “Alek, I can’t go with you, I got assigned tourist detail.” He points a finger over to a somber looking man in a dark suit, “I get to be Special Agent In Charge Gregory Irons’s chauffer around the city.”

Agent Gregory Irons

Hunter rolls his eyes at Alek, before turning and waving merrily at the Special Agent and walking towards him. Alek rubs his eyes, he already smells a rat, he thumbs through the file and catches Vincent talking to someone on the phone in a hushed voice, “Yes, Mr. Pearce, I assigned him as you requested.”

Mr. Chen’s, Downtown Minneapolis, 7:12am:

Alek stood outside of Mr. Chen’s gazing forlornly into the shop. He kneels down to look at the last body, that of a broken nose mobster who definitely appeared to have ventilated the back of his head with the pistol on the floor next to him. Alek recognized the man as Mitchell, one of Capra’s usual enforcers and probably not a man prone to depression or mass suicide pacts.

Downtown Minneapolis

He opens one of the evidence bags and notices that with the wallet is the business card for a certain Reynard Loke.

I heard about him in the paper, he has been buying up local real estate at bargain prices. Rumor has it that he has been using the Capra family to pressure the last few holdouts to sell.

Alek carefully slides the card back into the bag. He takes a look around the shop and in the alleyway.

Just like the report said, each one of Capra’s men shot themselves in the temple. Poor Mr. Chen grabbed the shotgun behind the counter and really made a mess of things.

Alek pauses at the entrance of the Alleyway and flashes his light in the darkness. He can make out the shape of two sets of footprints, both from young girls.

Huh? Witnesses, this could be interesting.

Alek then turns around and catches a brief image, from the corner of his eye. He sees a young woman, all in white and hidden in shadow, gazing sadly down on the little shop from atop an office building across the way. When Alek turns his attention towards her, she looks at him and vanishes. Alek blinks his eyes and checks his watch.

Ghostly Woman

Odd. That rooftop also provides a perfect vantage point for what happened here.

Alek’s thoughts are interrupted by a squeak from the gurney being wheeled behind him. He can make out Mr. Chen’s hand peaking out from beneath the tarp.

I think though, I should stop by Augie’s and ask around. On days like this I could use a drink.


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