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Falling Star, Part 2

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The Story

Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, Midmorning

Bobby Chan stood on the plush carpeting with a trembling Rosalie shivering behind him. Susana stood gazing at him with a hungry look a cruel smile playing across his lips. Bobby knew he was in deep shit.

Foshay Tower

“Ahhh, guests,” Susana gazes at Rosalie first and then shifts her gaze towards Bobby, “and she brought lunch!”

Bobby looks around a bit, “Lunch, well, I’ll take a pastrami on rye with extra mayo.”

Susana lets out an amused chuckle, the bemused red haired vampire strolls around Bobby and Rosalie, “You are a funny cow, but I was thinking of dismembering you and feeding you to this poor child,” Susana gently grabs Rosalie by the hand, “She is starving!”


Rosalie shrinks back, Bobby fights the desire to shrink back with her. Before Rosalie can respond, a tall Hispanic man strides into the room. His loafers clicking on the floor and Carlos Ortega’s voice cuts through the room, “Susana, It’s not nice to play with your food, leave the cattle alone.”

Bobby finds his voice and responds, “Yeah, we will just be going on our way, so sorry-“ and Bobby suddenly finds himself smashed against the wall, a steel grip crushing at his windpipe. He never saw Ortega cross the intervening distance, but he could see the evil in his eyes. He easily held Bobby up against the wall.

Carlos Ortega

“Silence, Cow! I gave you no permission to speak.”

Everyone in the room gets quiet, until a small high pitched whine pierces the air and Richie Hernandez stumbles into the room from the Nevernever. Gore continues to pour from his face, which now looks like Wile E. Coyote after a mishap with TnT.

Richie Hernandez

“Thffe Thffee Ish! I’mthsh gunsha kilish shimsh!” screams a jawless Richie Hernandez.

Carlos sighs and without acknowledging Richie’s presence and speaks to Susana, with his eyes still on Bobby, “Susana, dear, will you please help Richie remember that he is a member of my court and will comport himself as such, Oh, and the cattle could help us with a little problem.” Carlos suddenly sets Bobby gently down and fixes the collar of his shirt, “I suggest you listen to Susana, we have a proposition for you.” He then turns and strides out of the room.

Susana suddenly rounds, snarling at Richie, “Stopping bleeding all over the carpet, it’s worth more than you will ever be. Go, get yourself cleaned up.” She turns to Bobby again, smiling with a savage grin, “Now, sir, I believe you are an Alchemist, Bobby Chan, technically our courts are at war, so, if you value your life, I suggest you accept our offer. We need a girl, Alison Harper, we know that a man by the name of Clinton is involved in the sale of her in the Bazaar, we need you to find her and track her location, then let us know. To help, motivate you, your young friend will wait here and if we do not have Alison in our possession by Sun up, I am going to have to treat this dear girl to a lovely breakfast and introduce her to a new way of life.”

Bobby hears Rosalie gasp and he turns to her, “It will be ok, alright man? Just keep cool and I will be back for you, ok man? And don’t like, eat anything, ok?”

Rosalie nods and begins to sob as Susana gestures for Bobby to follow her. Bobby walks behind her and into a small elevator at the back of the room. They are both joined by two large Mexican men who Bobby recognizes as Red Court Vampires. Susana looks to Bobby and hands him a phone. “These two are for your protection, they will take you to the mall. You can use the cellphone to call me and remember. You have until sundown.”

Downtown on the way to West Side, St. Paul

The unmarked squad crashes into the telephone pole, air bags deploying. Alek’s cell phone flies from his hand, but remains unharmed, protected by a sturdy case. Alek,Craig, and Bethany quickly look around, all deducing that the blown tire was from a gunshot. They can see a gruff perched on a low rooftop with a high powered rifle, loading another round. They also see a group of shadows moving through an alley way across the street.


Alek sees an entrance to the skyway and realizes that they can better protect themselves there. He grabs the shotgun from the holster between the seats. “Craig, there is an AR-15 in the trunk, get it and we can cover ourselves better in the skyway.” Alek then kicks out the window, slides out and takes position in the middle of the street to cover the other two. Craig, realizing that he is just as likely to shoot himself as something else, skips getting the gun and makes a dash across the street. Bethany, still a little dazed realizes that the wind is blowing strongly through the streets and gathers her will, channeling a blast of air that knocks the gruff off the roof of the building onto the ground below. The gruffs from the alleyway charge out armed with submachine guns and open fire on Alek. He is able to duck aside, but loses his footing sliding to his knees.

Alek takes a moment and aims the shotgun at the gruffs as they are loading new clips and opens fire, a solid blast turns the rampaging gruffs into red mist. Craig realizes that something odd is going on that no people have responded to the gunfire and takes a moment to extend his senses and realizes there is a glamour extended over the area causing them to stay away. At that moment, a slim red haired woman appears next to the car, and suddenly causes the moss and mold to rapidly grow entangling the crashed vehicle and trapping Bethany inside. She tries to pull herself free, but finds herself stuck.

Alek turns the shotgun on her reloading, both he and Craig recognize her as Erin Kirkpatrick and they both begin to beseech her to stand down. Before they can continue, she jams her hand through the thicket entangling Bethany and pulls out her backpack. Alek stands up and closes on Erin, as Craig waits for a moment to strike. Bethany channels a blast of air trying to flip the remains of the car atop Erin, Erin runs up the wall and jumps away, the shell of the vehicle missing her. Erin then begins to leap up the side of the building. Craig choses that moment to act and freezes the side of the building, drawing the moisture from the surrounding air and cement, causing a thin sheet of ice to make the wall slick. Erin continues to ignore Alek’s cries of surrender and surrounds herself in a veil, however; Alek, Bethany, and Craig can still see where she is as she struggles to climb up the wall.

Erin Kirkpatrick

Erin throws Bethany’s books to the ground, dropping the backpack. Bethany screams, “Not my books!”

She channels a blast of air pulling a clump of hair from Erin’s head to her hand. Erin jumps down, two swords suddenly drawn and a murderous intent in her eyes. Craig runs back towards the vehicle as Alek steps forward, interposing himself between Erin and Bethany, shotgun in hand. “The hair brush for your hair, even trade.”

Erin looks towards Alek, Craig and Bethany, “We swear on our True Names that this exchange is for true?” she asks in a lilting Irish accent.

Alek, thinking for a moment to try attempt a double cross, changes his mind at the subtle shake of Craig’s head, and says, “Deal.” He takes the strands from Bethany’s hand and gives it to Erin, whom in turn returns the brush. Erin then quickly dashes away, scampering back up the wall.

Morgan’s Mexican and Lebanese Foods, West Side, St. Paul

Thomas feels the pull of iron in his blood as he senses the presence of fairy magic nearby.

West Side

“We have to go!” He runs up the basement stairs and towards his vehicle with a startled Hunter and Brittany behind him. As they make their way to the vehicle, Hunter gets a call on his phone from Jack Vincent.

“Hunter, calling the NSA and going over my head like that, you are in deep shit. I need you to come back to headquarters now.”

Jack Vincent

Hunter decides that he is done with this bullshit and mimics that the call is breaking up, “I—ca-t—h—ea—ou,” then hang up the phone. He is not sure if Vincent buys it because as soon as he hangs up, Jack is calling him back.

Brittany calls for Thomas to slow down and Thomas yells back, “I can’t there are faeries nearby and they are fighting, somewhere in downtown Saint Paul, I have to go.”

Hunter, confused and irritated gets a call from his partner Alek, “John, where have you been? My car is trashed, we got ambushed by Summer faeries, but we got some leads on Alison.”

Hunter realizes that Thomas is sensing the Summer Fae who attacked Alek and gives Thomas the directions to meet up with the others. Thomas, Brittany and Hunter pile into the car and take off towards Downtown, Saint Paul.

As Thomas drives, he realizes that traffic is backing up with the bridge collapse and that it could take hours to get to the Mall of America and they don’t have that kind of time. They meet up with Alek, Bethany and Craig at their destroyed vehicle. After conferring quickly, they decided to head to the Bazaar and confront Clinton about the kidnapping. Alek grabs the removable light from the undercover squad and places it atop Thomas’s Oldsmobile to allow him to cut through the traffic faster.

Mall of America, Minneapolis, approximately 30 minutes before the sale of Alison Harper

Bobby realizes that money doesn’t only greases the wheels of commerce, it also helps to get through traffic. The expensive BMW he is riding in, piloted by one of the two Thuggish Red Court Vampires, is waved through and around snarled traffic. They arrive to the Mall of America and park in a private garage beneath the facility. Bobby gets out of the car and is flanked by both of goons, he turns them.

Mall of America

“Now guys, when we go in, I need you to like, stand back, you know, let me do like the talking. We need Madison’s help to get to the Bazaar and see this Clinton guy, ok?”

One of the goons grunts and the other says, “Our orders are not to let you out of our sight.”

“Well, great man, that’s really, like great.”

Bobby knows that to get safely into the Bazaar, Madison Jotunnson is the best way in. He heads into Mall followed by his two murderous shadows. He makes his way to the thumping sounds of the Abercrombie and Fitch Store. He steps inside and can see Madison folding some shirts in the back, he waves, but before he can get further, another store clerk steps in front of him.

“Sir,” she takes in Bobby disheveled appearance, “you are going to have to wait outside.”
“Whoa, lady, I am like here to by a shirt, I was going to talk to that lady over there,” Bobby gestures towards Madison.

“Sir,” the rude sale girl pushes Bobby out the store, “I will call security if you don’t leave!”

As Bobby stumbles back, one of his “helpful” goons grabs the sales girl by the arm and throws her to the ground. The sales girl begins to sob as the thug glares down at her, Madison steps out of the store; interposing herself between the sales girl and the Red Court Vampire in human guise.


“Hey, man, that is like NOT cool, totally not cool!” Bobby yells at his escort, “I need to talk to Maddy and smooth this over, because, like if we fuck this up, I don’t want to be the one to explain it to Susana, you know, man, so just go over there.” Bobby points to a railing away from him and the two sales girls.

Madison ushers the sales girl back into the store and turns on Bobby, “What is all this about? Are you trying to get me fired?”

“Maddy, Maddy,” Bobby raises his hands, “I need like, you to do this favor, I need to get to the Magic Bazaar, but first, I need you to open a doorway, to like the Prison Dimension, as I need to shuffle these two guys off.”

Madison arches a perfect eyebrow, “You know the cost Bobby, I need you to do me a favor in return.”



“Ok, Ok, Madison, I will do you a favor in return.” Bobby waves over the two goons, “Follow us, we are heading out.”

“Yes, just follow us this way,” Madison says and starts walking with a sashay that Bobby notices the goons suddenly find themselves quite interested in it, he can’t tell what distracts them more, the sway of her hips or her bared neck.

Madison takes them to the bowls of the Mall and into a bare concrete room. She concentrates for a moment and then reaches out, as if grasping an invisible door handle and turns a knob. She opens up a door shaped whole into the Nevernever.

Madison makes a smile that makes Bobby’s knees a little weak, “It would be best if your bodyguards go first, to make sure there is no danger.”

The two vampires gamely leap forward into the doorway, as Madison closes it behind them, trapping them somewhere in the unknown of the Nevernever.

“You owe me a big favor, Bobby, a BIG one.”

Madison takes him back up to the Abercrombie and Fitch and guides him into a dressing room. She sighs and closes the door behind them. She then again grasps the air in the changing booth and opens a door, revealing another doorway hole into the Nevernever. Bobby takes a deep breath and steps on through.

He finds himself suddenly in the middle of the Magic Bazaar. He can see Clinton’s tent in the distant and make out the voice of his assistant,Lucky Dan, yelling “ALL DAY” in the beer tent nearby. He doesn’t approach though as he also sees a small gathering of Wyvern Cultists in front of Clinton’s tent and he knows those dudes are someone he doesn’t want to tangle with.

Lucky Dan

Bobby, instead, finds a comfortable spot to wait and begins to prepare a tracking spell.

En route to Mall of America, Saint Paul

Thomas, under the protection of, Alek’s police siren weaves through the blocked city streets, making better time, at least, until he hit a police roadblock. Upon seeing a siren, the police officer directing traffic waves Thomas to the side, to which he quickly complies. Another officer runs up to the side of the car and taps on the window. He then immediately addresses Detectives Hunter and Alek.

“Sirs! Excellent, you caught the fugitive!”

He then gestures to two other officers, who bring fourth cuffs, opening the other side the car and appear to be getting ready to arrest Brittany Winters.

Alek quickly responds, “It’s alright officers she is in our custody we will see to her transportation.”

The police sergeant who stopped the vehicle shakes his head, “I’m sorry sir, orders from the top, Lt. Vincent ordered that Brittany Winters be detained in the custody of contracting Monoc Security personnel.”

As Alek continues his conversation and a surprised, now annoyed, Brittany readies herself to run. Hunter grabs his phone and calls Lt. Vincent.

“I see you have good reception now,” Vincent’s voice oozes with conceit through the receiver.

Hunter sighs, “You wanted this done quickly, we have a lead on the girl and Brittany is our way to do that. You take her into custody, we might not ever be able to find Alison. You want this case closed, you stay the fuck out of our way.”

Hunter can almost feel Vincent leaning back on his leather chair and smiling like the smug bastard he is as he replies, “My hands are tied, but listen, you have until 6:00 am tomorrow to find Alison and bring Brittany Winters into custody at our office. If you do not, I expect you, and your partner, to turn in your badge and your gun.”

With that Vincent hangs up the phone and Hunter tells Thomas to keep driving. Before the Sergeant can delay Thomas, he gets the call over the radio that the Fugitive Brittany Winters is to remain in Hunter and Alek’s custody.

Thomas makes relatively quick time to the Mall of America, but the delay at the roadblock cost them, they only have approximately 15 Minutes until the purchase of Alison Harper is completed. Brittany knows of a contact, Madison Jotunnson, who can get them to the Bazaar easily. Bethany, exhausted from her conversation with the Summer Fae, elects to stay with the vehicle; where she promptly passes out. Everyone else makes their way into the mall, heading towards the Abercrombie and Fitch.

Brittany gestures for the others to stay back as she flags Madison down and the two let out a girlish squeal.

“Maddy! I just need a quick favor. I and some of my friends have to pop over to the Bazaar real quick.”

“Oh, Brit, no problem!” Madison grabs Brittany by the arm, “but you know the Gatekeeper requires me to ask a favor…” Madison suddenly jumps up and down excitedly, speaking really fast, “oh, oh, I know, Steve has redone 1st Avenue and we have to have a girls’ night down there, you’ll come won’t you?”


“Deal, that sounds like fun, “Brittany smiles and waves over everyone else.

They follow Madison to one of the dressing room doors and pile in, like very scruffy clowns in a car. Madison, as she did about 20 minutes earlier, opens a door leading into the Bazaar.

Bazaar Camp Grounds, Nevernever

Bobby sees Alek, Brittany, Craig, Hunter and Thomas stumble out of the portal from the Mall of America and onto the hard packed dirt road of the Magic Bazaar. He wanders on over waving high and greats them hoping that they might be able to get him out of some of the trouble he currently is in with the Red Court. Bobby points out Clinton’s tent and the Wyvern Cultists gathered around.

Magic Bazaar

As Bobby and the others exchange notes, the Wyvern Cultists abruptly leave striding away from the tent and into the crowd. Craig’s heart stops for a moment as he recognizes the robed figures from his prophetic dream and mutters, “those are the bad guys” to which the others all give him a “no shit” kind of look. Hunter, instead of joining the conversation about Alison and Clinton, steps away from the group and says he is going to track the cultist. He abruptly turns into an eagle, flying high above the Bazaar.

Wyvern Cultists

“Ok, like, why don’t you guys, like wait out here for a moment, and I will go talk with Clinton by myself and see if I can, get him, to you know like open up.”

The others agree to wait a moment outside. It is only moments before Lucky Dan stumbles out of the beer tent and totters on over to Clinton’s tent, going inside. Bobby heads over to the tent and enters beneath the tarp. He enters a smokey haze that reminds him, refreshingly, of opium. The tent itself is packed full of shelves and chests loaded with an odd mix of mundane and magical knick knacks. Clinton leans back on his chair, looking quite high, and waves to Bobby.

“Hey man, so like, I need some, like, eye of newt, the tongue of a bear, some glass flasks, a teenage girl, and the heart of a dragon.”


Clinton blinks blearily at Bobby, “So, a heart of a dragon, I have one of those, “he kicks open a trunk, “still beating or not.” And lifts out to large hearts one beating, the other not.

“Good man, I think the beating one, but what about the other stuff, eye of newt, tongue of a bear, a teenage girl….”

Clinton blows a cloud of smoke Bobby’s way, “Well I know of an island that grows teenage girls, so I guess they are literally island girls, I could send Dan to get some. Dan go to the girl island and pluck me a fresh girl.”

Bobby doesn’t know if is the opium or the red bliss from earlier, but he is starting to get a little confused, “No man, I mean, yeah, island girls sound cool.”

“They have big coconuts.”

“What, but, I mean a different girl. You know.”

“You mean you don’t like girls with big coconuts?”

Outside the tent, Craig gets tired of waiting and pushes the flap open, walking in with Alek, Brittany, and Thomas following. Clinton’s eyes suddenly get wide when he sees Craig and throws the Dragon Heart behind him.

“Only the most legal objects of magical value, with definitely no dragon hearts here, oh Wizard of the White Council.” Clinton blows a puff of smoke.

Craig waves it from his face, “Yes, yes, yes, I am sure everything is tip top, but we are here about a girl.”

“One with coconuts?”

“Coco what? No are you daft man, the kidnapped girl.” Craig snaps with irritation.

“The kidnapped girl? What, I thought we were talking about girls with coconuts on their…”Clinton pauses and cups his chest miming breasts.

“What are you babbling about?” Craig says with more irritation, feeling like he is just going around in circles.

Alek rolls his eyes at the con man, and takes a breath, ignoring the smoke filling the room. “Now, we came in here with a simple request, we are looking for a girl, Alison Harper, we know that you have her in your possession, or are trying to sell her.” Alek doesn’t wait for a response, but continues on companionably with the hint of a bluff, “Now my friend here from the White Council could come and look at your permits have the Wardens fall on you like a ton of bricks…….or maybe more like the blade of a guillotine, Warden being Wardens.”

Sweat beads for a brief moment on Clinton’s forehead, but he then blows out a puff of smoke, “I didn’t think the island girls were underage or anything like that and my permits are good,” Clinton pulls out a big book and hands it to Craig, “See everything is in order, right there!”

While the conversation was going on, Thomas began engaging Lucky Dan in a transaction and was looking at a wide assortment of iron swords to purchase. Brittany used this opportunity to fade into the shadows out of sight. She makes a careful search of the room and notices that Dan is standing on a small wooden box. She also makes note that the box has the crest of the Wyvern Cult on it. Brittany, noticed that Thomas has Dan distracted, reaches down and snatches the box; revealing herself to the room.

“What’s this?” She asks Clinton holding up the box.

“It’s a Box.” Clinton answers simply.

“I can see that,” Brittany snaps with more than a hint of threat in her voice, “what’s in it?”

“I don’t know,” Clinton replies, “it’s not time to open it.”

“When is it time to open it?”

Clinton looks at a time piece and says, “Oh, in about two minutes.”

“Maybe I should just open it now,” Brittany grasps the clasp.

Clinton leans back in his chair, gripping the arms, “I wouldn’t if I were you, that would be rude.” He blows out a puff of smoke and Brittany snaps the box open.

In the air above the Magic Bazaar, Nevernever

Hunter took wing above the Magic Bazaar and taking in the sights and sounds, he couldn’t help, but feel the place was an odd mash of Moss Eisely and the Renaissance Fair. It took little time for him to see the large group of robed figures weaving their way through the crowd. Hunter continued his observation, but became acutely aware that larger things than him were also flying about and decided to land in the crowd.

He shifted into his wolf form and took up the scent of the hooded cultists. He was easily able to trace their path to a clear area of the bazaar where he observed them grasp a large chest and heft it deeper into the fair. They gathered by a tent where suddenly they all looked up and then stepped into the real world, out of the Nevernever. Hunter alarmed by the sudden change of events, turns and heads back to Clinton’s Tent.

Interior of Clinton’s Tent, Magic Bazaar, Nevernever

When Brittany opens the box a cold mist fills the tent and a loud howl echoes from inside the box. Alek and Craig recognize the sound of Frost Wolves. While everyone is focused on the box, Clinton suddenly grabs a weird object from the shelf behind him and shatters it. A bright light fills the tent and suddenly when there was one Clinton there is now a multitude. There’s a Clinton laughing on his chair, one hawking wares, another sweeping the dirt floor, while another complains to even another one about the chill in the air.

Frost Wolf

Bobby has had dealings with Clinton before and is wary to his tricks, he uncorks a True sight Potion and takes a quick drink. He sees that the real Clinton is slipping his way towards the exit of the tent, pretending to sweep the floor. He subtly points this out to the others, and Brittany steps forward and grabs Clinton by the shirt, pinning him against a tent support. Thomas picks up the box and peers inside, seeing a pack of frost wolves running across the frozen tundra. He shuts the box and tucks it into his bag.

Clinton struggles against Brittany’s grasp, loudly lamenting that the collar of his shirt is ripping. Alek smiles, slightly grimly, “Well it could be your neck. I would just tell us about the girl, no more bullshit.”

Clinton sighs, pulls away from Brittany and straightens his hat, “Fine, I know nothing really about the girl, just, some dude, no idea who, gave me good money to use my EBay account and handle part of the transaction. That’s it.”

“What about the Wyvern Cult?” Craig asks.

“What about them? They gave me some money to get whoever followed in after them to open that box.” Clinton gestures towards the box that Thomas now holds.

“Can you tell us who placed the winning bid?” Alek queries.

“Sure, I just have to check my account on my computer.”

“Well get out of here and go do that.” Craig gestures for Clinton to get out of the way, with a mixture of ivory tower trust and an idea forming in his mind.

Clinton scampers away and grabs Lucky Dan, sliding out of the Nevernever and back into the mundane world. Bobby thinks Craig is a sucker and asks for some of the hair from the brush Craig has for the tracking spell he made. Craig, reluctantly, hands some to Bobby.

“It’s not going to work.”

“Whatever Ivory tower, like, stand back.” Bobby channels some energy for a tracking spell to find Alison, but also learns that someone is using the power of t he Mississippi River to ward her location.

“Yeah, like, there is energy from the River, and it’s like-“ Craig cuts Bobby off when he has a sudden realization that the ward is most likely set to end after Alison’s sale and that they could try to track her then. He starts to explain this to Bobby when Hunter suddenly bursts into the tent.

“The Wyvern Cultists left the Bazaar with a large chest. I think Alison is inside it.” Hunter pants from the exertion of running across the camp grounds.

Craig and Bobby decide to try the tracking spell again, but both realize that if the Wyvern Cult is involved, so is Magnus Jotunnson and he is not a minor practioner. They both decide to put a little more power into this spell. As they prepare the ritual, a loud piercing set of howls occur outside the tent and a pair of Frost Wolves burst inside. Brittany, Thomas and Hunter, transforming into a giant Wolf, lunge forward and engage the Frost Wolves in combat before they can disrupt the ritual. Alek hangs back and realizes there are more wolves prowling about the tent, he knows that the Frost Wolves have an aversion to fire and sets grabs a torch from the interior and sets fire to tarp; the oil soaked tent going up in flames. The flaming barrier protects them from the wolves, but the obscure magic items that are in Clinton’s possession also begin to burn and the smoke has a poisonous tinge to it.


Bobby and Craig concentrate on the ritual, as Alek sets his fires. Thomas, Brittany and Hunter crush the pair of Ice Wolves easily, rending them to bloody pieces of ice. The two casters complete the ritual and they can sense the direction of Alison. A brief debate ensues as the Frost Wolves continue to prowl outside the tent, but Craig realizes there is a Way out of here because they saw Clinton use it. He and Bobby open the way and lead the rest through. Before Craig leaves, he attempts to douse the flame by channeling some water, but the complex magic energies causes an explosion that blast him through the Way they just opened and back into the mundane world.

Last Place on Earth, Duluth

Hunter checks his phone, seeing a text message from Bethany that a man named Clinton called her and confirmed that Magnus Jotunnson was the purchaser. She also passed on a message that he is pissed about the state of his tent. As that happens, a smoking and smoldering Craig is hurled out of the portal and against the wall of the store. At first everyone is confused about their location, with only the subtle pull of Alison towards the south. Alek quickly gets their bearings and realizes they are in an obscure store located in Downtown Duluth, called The Last Place on Earth. A place where incense and other kind of rare, mostly drug related, paraphernalia are sold.

Last Place on Earth

Once Brittany realizes they are in Duluth, she places a call for Madison.

“Maddy, its Brit, I need another really small favor, can you, give us a lift from Duluth down to the Cities.”

“What did you guys do over there!? The Gatekeeper is like…pissed. I mean, I am stuck at work, I don’t know if I can get you anytime soon.”

Brittany pauses for a moment, “The first round of drinks at Girl’s night is on me.”

Madison cheers, “I’ll be there in twenty.”

With that, Thomas walks downtown and picks up a bunch of iron nails from a local hardware store. Craig realizes that Magnus is a person of considerable power and that they will need all the help they can get. He is able to use the Box as a link to Magnus as he recognizes that he is the only one who would have had the power to create something like this in the Wyvern Cult. He knows his Prophecy of Doom spell skirts the edges of the Laws of Magic, but he can get a small glimpse into certain possibilities of the future he can get an idea of they could defeat the Warlock. He convinces Bobby to help him with the ritual and Alek and Brittany to lend some blood to help empower the spell.

Craig enters into a trance and begins to calculate the various probabilities and after, what seems like an eternity, he suddenly convulses shouting aloud, “Magnus will meet his doom by the hands of Bobby Chan on the tip of a sword in the Wabasha Caves.”

To be continued…


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