Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Losing the Pack

A Jack Hunter Story

Featured Players

The Story

Bobby met Jack‘s parents when Jack was a boy, first undergoing the changes to become a shapeshifter. Jack’s parents didn’t know what was going on with their boy, only that he wasn’t himself. Bobby prepared a potion to suppress his symptoms, which is why Jack wasn’t able to access his powers until severe psychic trauma broke through the block Bobby had put in place. By happenstance, he encounters Jack again 25 years later during the hunt for the Roseville Ripper, when Jack is helping Brittany and Thomas.

Jack then enlisted Craig‘s aid in interpreting his dreams. Craig didn’t have any answers immediately, but realized Jack’s hidden potential just in time to allow him to fight off the Skinwalker, the monster to come.

Jack stopped at the floral shop and picked up three roses, one for every year. The plan was go out over the weekend but celebrate at home tonight with his wife. As Jack pulled up to the house in his cruiser, he whistled a tunelessly to himself. As he approached the door Jack noted candles lit in the dining room. He opened the door, and dropped the roses. The sickly sweet smell was overwhelming. Drawing his gun, Jack entered the house, treading on the roses. There is blood everywhere and something in the room! Jack Shoots wildly, calling for Katrinka! The thing snarled at Jack and turned towards him. Suddenly Jack lunges knocking the table over and the world shifts. Jack’s mouth closes around the creatures ankle. The taste, like that of ashes and death, makes Jack gag and the creature strikes, pummeling him across the room The creature says several words in Dakota and then is gone.

Wounded Jack flees the scene just as his house goes up in flame. Jack cannot remember ever running so fast, he seemed to fly and the smell recedes. And then Jack realises he is flying! If it were not such a traumatic evening Jack might have enjoyed the feeling. Jack hunts throughout the night finding nothing except that he can now change into a wolf (the biggest damn wolf!) and an eagle (which is small and agile). This would almost be fun if he weren’t chasing a murderer.

Seeking answers Jack is pointed to the Public library at Witch’s Hat Tower. Where he meets Bethany Tempest and through her Donald Morgan. He has asked Bethany for information on Native American Spirits and a translation of what the creature said. She is working on both. In the mean time Donald has referred Jack to see Brittany Winters for assistance with the spirit and general training.


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