Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Meeting an Old Friend

A Brittnay Winter's Story

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The Story

When it went dark, Brittnay could first hear the anguish howls of Magnus, thwarted in his last act of revenge. The enraged spirits whipped around her with one last violent gasp before fading into the blissful quiet. Brittnay feels her own sense of self stilling, a weight leaving her shoulders. She can feel a sense of peace and calmness that she has never felt begin to wash over her.

Then she felt the tug, a pull to the depths of her core. A screaming chant fills her ears and the soothing darkness is shattered. Through the din and the sudden sense of pain, a familiar voice pierces through the cacophonous void.

“Yeah, dying like, sucks man.”

Brittnay opens her eyes and sees the ghostly image of Bobby Chan standing above her with a bemused smile on his face. He leans down extending a ghostly hand and Brittnay reaches out and sees that her hand has the same translucence.

As she stands, she glances around the room and finds herself behind the Wards that make up Gleipnir. A soft chanting echoes about the chamber and her gaze finds a cross legged Crow Sings sitting outside the wards. When Brittnay’s gaze rests upon the shaman, his chanting slows and he stands.

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you rest, there is so much work to do.” Crow Sings lets out a guilty sigh.

That’s when Brittnay realizes that she can feel the Wards, the energy pulsing through them. She can feel a push, a strong shove, something dark and unnatural probing the surface. Bobby grabs her hand and together they direct the energy of the wards towards the probe and press it away.

“I’m glad you are here man, because, these attacks, they like keep coming and are getting stronger.”

Brittnay nods and clutches Bobby’s hand tighter, “Then lets get to work.”


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