Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Night Terrors

A Craig Hale Story

Featured Players

The Story

Attuned to the visions that come to him at night, Craig found himself living through the death-dreams of strangers. When he realized that the victims were real, he found himself in a confrontation with a Mara on a killing spree. He’s more afraid of sleep than most other things to this day.

To keep the Night Terrors at bay, Craig Hale, insomniac Wizard stumbles into Brittany’s coffee shop “Sacred Grounds”… after relaying to Brittany why he looks so sleep-deprived she devours his hard luck story and offers to refuel him with coffee whenever he needs it.

Thomas was hired by Craig to help him hunt a Mara that was wreaking havoc throughout the cities.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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