Dresden Files: Twin Cities

The Drunk Leading the Blind

A Max Steele Adventure

Featured Investigators

The Story

The first night Max returned to the Twin Cities, he found himself hot on the tail of a rage demon accidentally summoned by teenage dabblers in magic. Unfortunately the beast was fast and Max found himself behind the steering wheel of a car for the first time of his life. Bad luck doubles down on Max ashis face is a too little well known for being a BLIND Billionaire Playboy and he was promptly pulled over by an annoyed Det. Alek Erikson. His attempts to make an early donation to the Detective Alek Erikson’s early retirement fund was met with scorn. His arrest was forestalled when the rage demon flipped a small truck. The Cop and the Billionaire found themselves teaming up on the car chase and eventually sending the demon back to the Nevernever. All of it costing Max a night of drinks with Alek.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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