Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Turning the Tables

Haunting Grounds, Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, 4:43pm:
Basilica of St. Mary

Craig sensed the incoming buildup of entropic energy before he saw the giant air conditioning unit fall from the heavens. It gave him enough time to dive out of the way while shouting a word of warning to the others. Alek also skipped back, the air conditioning unit narrowly clipping him. Brittany wasn’t so lucky, the unit slammed against her and Bobby’s RV. The cab of the RV crumbed and rocked under the falling unit. The unit clips Brittany’s shoulder, spinning her around and losing her footing.

Bobby’s RV

The AC unit sparked as it laid dead on the ground. From atop the construction site sounds of yelling and scuffling could be heard. Brittany, with a growl of frustration, springs from the ground and then launches into air; climbing up the scaffolding with ease. Atop the site she sees three men with the tattoo of the Wyvern Cult on their hands. All of them are holding automatic weapons as they turn towards her.

Wyvern Cult

“Wyvern Cultists!” Brittany yells to the other two, “and they’re armed!”

She springs forward, slamming one into another. The sharp blow from her shoulder knocking one of them unconscious. Alek draws his pistol and darts down the alleyway, seeking another way up. Craig, meanwhile, centers his focus upon himself and gets a sense of the future, making himself aware of all the possible dangers. Craig extends his focus and senses his death from a variety of sources, but through that he still senses a faint tingle of the entropic energy.

The two cultist fire upon Brittany. She twists and dives beneath the hail of bullets, hissing with a moment of pain as fire burns up the length of her arm. On the other end of the Alley, Alek comes upon Hazard Pay staring down the barrel of gun being held by another Wyvern Cultist. Alek levels his gun upon the cultist and yells, “Drop the weapon and put your hands up!”

The Wyvern Cultist sneers, turning his pistol back on Alek. Before he can fire, Hazard dives forward, sliding between his legs and knocking him off balance. The shot he takes fires wide of Alek, chipping off some of the brick on the building behind him. Alek sighs and carefully aims, blowing out the knee of the cultist. He falls to the ground howling in pain before slipping into unconsciousness.

Atop the building, Brittney rolls smoothly out of her dive. Her momentum and supernatural strength powers her punch as she slams her face into the other cultist. The force of the blow sends him staggering back into the other and they both fall over the edge. Craig winces as he has a brief vision of the two falling bodies landing upon him with a crunch, instead they slam into the ground with a bone crushing thud.

The investigators turn to look towards the street as they hear the sound of approaching sirens.


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