Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Two Drink Maximum

Haunting Grounds, Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Augie’s Tavern, Minneapolis, 10:30am:

Alek tapped the empty glass in front of him, signaling the topless bartender to give him another. She comes and quickly refills the glass as Alek smiles remembering days gone by. He takes a casual glance towards the back, it confirms everything he already knew. He sees both Peter Capra and Reynard Loke in deep conversation, a waitress passes by pleasantly distracting his view. Neither of them seem particularly happy. His view is distracted again, sadly not by another waitress, but instead a sweaty, sociopathic hit man.

Peter Capra
Reynard Loke

“Shouldn’t you be with the rest of the police solving a murder or two?” Colin Patterson asks.

Alek looks up and meets Colin’s shark black eyes, “Oh, I am, just getting a couple of questions answered. Your establishment is open at all hours. So did you hear any gunshots?”

Colin’s eyes flicker towards Alek’s half-filled glass, his voice dispassionate, “We didn’t hear anything, I think you’ve had enough, besides we’re close”

Colin Patterson

Alek slugs down the rest and slowly stands up, his eyes never leaving Colin, a smile crossing his face, “Those two seem awfully cozy, I suppose you aren’t kicking them out too,” Alek shrugs before Colin can answer, “It doesn’t matter where we answer these questions, it can be here or down town.”

Colin holds out an arm, directing Alek towards the door, “We are happy to answer any questions. We didn’t hear anything. We already made a statement, I suggest you read that.”

Alek drops some cash on the bar before leaving, giving Colin a jaunty wave as he steps back outside.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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