Dresden Files: Twin Cities

Unusual Suspects

A Brittany Winters Story

Featured Players

The Story

While working to hunt down a creature the news papers had dubbed “ The Roseville Ripper”, Brittany wrongfully suspected and began tracking Thomas Owens, thinking him behind the grisly murders. Despite having crossed paths with him before the The Ripper’s rise, she insisted he was the culprit, as all evidence pointed to him, until while stalking Thomas – the two of them happened onto the real Ripper. Seeing that she was wrong, she wasted no time in helping Thomas rid the world of a less than savory creature of the night.

Brittney needs a potion of true seeing to help her see the Roseville Ripper’s true form. She knows somebody who leads her to Bobby. Bobby reluctantly makes the potion for her, but he warns Brittany not to engage the skinwalker, as the collateral damage from such a fight could be immense.


GuyKilmore GuyKilmore

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