Allen Harper

A Concerned Father

  • Name: Allen Harper
  • Age: 38
  • Sex: Male
  • Factions: Mortals
  • Location: His home in Summit Hill
  • High Concept: A Father Concerned About his Child’s Welfare
  • Trouble: My Daughter is my Life.
  • Aspect: I Make Deals That I Don’t Understand.

Husband of Elizabeth Harper, Father of Alison Harper; he quit his Sales Position with Best Buy to manage Alison’s burgeoning singing career. Allen is concerned that he won’t be able to protect his daughter from the predators of the world and that makes him defensive, especially when it comes to her welfare.

Events in Falling Star:

Aleksander Erikson and Craig Hale learned during Falling Star that Allen made a deal with the Winter Court for a child because he and Elizabeth could not have children. He was given Alison, who was the embodiment of a fallen star, on the condition that when her power develops she will be returned to the Winter Court. Allen agreed and then promptly attempted to break the agreement by going into hiding with his wife. Alek, Alison, Craig, and Thomas Owens were able to convince Blackthorn to find a legal loophole in the Accords to void his agreement.

Allen, along with his wife, retreated from public life shortly after his daughter’s body was found. He has since moved away from his home on Summit Hill.

Allen Harper

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