An "Entrepreneur" of Two Worlds

  • Name: Clinton (He says he admires a president who was called Slick Willy)
  • Age: 32
  • Sex: Male
  • Faction: Mortals
  • Location: Mall of America in the Magic Bazaar, or his Occult Bookstore in the Twin Cities
  • High Concept: Have I got a Deal for you!
  • Trouble: It’s not my Fault!

“Clinton” is a man of minor magical talents who exists in two worlds and always looking to make a quick buck in both of them. In the mortal world he sells occult books, supplies and other “paraphernalia” to the less discerning customer at his store, Last Place on Earth located in Duluth, Minnesota; in the Nevernever he is a vendor at the Magic Bazaar and sells to the even less discerning customer.

Clinton frequently has bounties for the more exotic creatures in the world and will pay extra for various body parts.

Events in Falling Star and Strange Smells, Part 1:

In Falling Star, Clinton was implicated by Jack Hunter’s contact as auctioning off the kidnapped Alison Harper. The investigators confronted him and learned that the Wyvern Cult was going to use her in a ritual sacrifice. Clinton and his lackey then vanished from the Nevernever.

Jack crosses paths with Clinton again in Strange Smells, Part 1. Clinton sold Katrinka Hunter, his supposedly deceased wife, a large quantity of an arcane substance known as Sandman Powder.


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