Daniel Sparrow

A Sniper for Hire...Sort Of

  • Name: Daniel Sparrow
  • Age: 28
  • Sex: Male
  • Faction: Mortals
  • High Concept: Sniper for Hire…Sort of
  • Trouble: Got to Settle my Tab
  • Aspects: The Military was my Home
  • Aspects: A Whole New Can of Whoopass to Open
  • Aspects: Quick Thinking Will get you Halfway There
  • Aspects: Shakabuku
  • Aspects: Necessary Evils
  • Superb: Guns
  • Great: Weapons, Athletics
  • Good: Survival, Endurance, Discpline
  • Fair: Fists, Drive, Investigation, Deceit
  • Average: Scholarship, Alertness, Empathy, Intimidation, Conviction

Target Rich Environment, Basic Training, Made in the USA, Assassin’s Bullet, I Got Work to do, Fast Draw, Counter-Sniper, Well Armed, Person of Interest, Know Your Enemy, Hunt from the Shadows


Human Male, Excellent Physical condition. Ex Double Secret Forces, Used to have a very clear-cut and cynical worldview. One terrible day, a magic related tragedy radically changed his view of the world. Since that day he’s vowed to do two things. Wreak Vengeance, and Make up for all the human lives he took. The trouble is… the thing he’s really the best at is, well… killing. Sometimes you need to a take a life to save lives. The score keeps inching upward. He’s not sure he likes this new world world he lives in.

Aspect: The Military was My Home

Forged my ID to join the military at an early age. There wasn’t any part of it that I didn’t do well in. I can spot another military brat at 100 meters.

Aspect: A Whole New Can of Whoopass to Open

I don’t know much about magic….yet. Can it take a mans head off at 100 meters?

Aspect: Quick Thinking Will get you Halfway There

With his options dwindling rapidly, he fakes his own death and grabs his bug-out bag. A few precious personal effects. Some favorite weapons, a new ID, and an indeterminate amount of cash.

Aspect: Shakabuku

Shakabuku: A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever. Sometimes Delightful, Sometimes Horrifying. It might be meeting a new baby eye to eye…it might be finding some you love has suffered and died at the hands of someone perverting the natural powers of the world.

Aspect: Necessary Evils

You want to kill the good guy, but not BE the bad guy. Doesn’t work like that. You have to wait until the bad guy kills a good guy, then when you kill that bad guy, you’re a good guy…I’m not some psychopath. If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there. I mean you should read the file on some of these guys…it’s like a Demon’s resume.

Daniel Sparrow

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