Erin Kirkpatrick

A Changling allied with the Thousand Lakes

  • High Concept: Troubleshooting Changling for the Thousand Lakes

Erin Kirkpatrick has the blood of a sidhe fae running through her veins. She lives in the Cities Twinned aiding Andruil Summertide in his political machinations to further the Thousand Lakes. Her status as a Changling is seen as a benefit, as it allows her to interact more directly with mortals than the rules which govern the lives of the fae would normally allow.

Erin is notably a pleasant and playful individual who frequently enjoys the vibrant nature and theater scene in the Twin Cities. She even has some stage credits to her name for some minor performances in various fringe festivals. Erin has come no closer to making her Choice and seems content in blending her life between humanity and fae.

Events of Falling Star and Helping Hand:

Erin led the Summer Court’s efforts in ensuring that Alison Harper was not acquired by the Winter Court in Falling Star. She led a pack of Gruffs in an ambush against Aleksander Erikson, Craig Hale, and Bethany Tempest in an effort to acquire a lock of Alison’s hair. She was forced to retreat by their combined efforts. She reappeared later at the Wabasha Street Caves and threatened to prevent the investigators from continuing deeper, unless Thomas Owens stood against her in single combat.

Erin found the Alison Harper situation distasteful, but found that the Summer Court was forcing her to act against her own desires in the situation. She felt that by drawing Thomas out of the confrontation with Magnus Jotunnson that she was satisfying her obligation with the Summer Court, as the other investigators would most likely fail. Thomas agreed to the duel and they battled each other to a standstill. They both acquired a mutual respect to each other and Erin revealed that she won her bet at Blackthorn’s when the other investigators triumphed.

In Helping Hand, Erin also sent Thomas a letter warning him that Val was planning on using him as bait. She also warned that the Winter Court was wanting revenge on Alek, Craig and Him for their actions in Falling Star.

Erin is currently the Summer Court representative for the Twin Cities. She can be found at the Court’s newly acquired property, the Peacock Lounge.

Erin Kirkpatrick

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