Evan St. Claire

A Very Effective Outreach Worker

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Local newspapers, politicians and philanthropists have lauded Evan St. Claire’s efforts in re-establishing a shelter in Downtown St. Paul after Dorthy Day burned down during the winter riots just this past year. The Star Tribune has quoted Evan St. Claire saying that, “The Helping Hands Shelter..will treat all individuals with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We will give a hand up to those in need and find a place where they can forever rest their weariness.” The article goes on to praise Evan and is outreach workers for continuing to work on behalf of the homeless community, especially after the rise of disappearances, assaults, and mutilations that have been going on among that population.

Events in Falling Star and Helping Hand:

Unbeknownst to the other investigators, Evan and the Ghouls of the Helping Hands Shelter were responsible for the kidnapping of Alison Harper. He then used Clinton’s. Identity to auction her off to hide his actions from other parties. He needed a vial of her blood in a ritual spell to break Gleipnir and gain access to the World Chair. Evan was really a member of the Order of Blackened Darnius and carried the coin for Durien.

He nearly succeeded in shattering the wards, until he was confronted by Bobby Chan, Brittany Winters, John Wesley Jacobs III, and Thomas Owens atop Witch’s Hat Tower. He was separated from his coin and, in an act of self sacrifice from Bobby, his life force, Bobby’s life force, and a vial of Alison’s blood were used in restoring one of the fallen wards. Durien’s coin was given to Sanya.

Evan St. Claire

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