A Fearsome Winter Faerie (pg 43 OW)


In their natural form, fetches appear to be vaguely humanoid, black wavering shadows with ghostly white eyes. Otherwise, they tend to look like some kind of fearful creature, usually playing off their victims worse fear.

  • High Concept: Faerie Fetch
  • Other Aspects varies as a Fetch can have a wide range of sizes and shapes

These Fae are usually with the Winter Court; many serve as Queen Mab’s elite spies and assassins. They feed on fear, it makes them stronger. They can easily cross over from the Nevernever through mirrors and are rather intelligent.

Powers and Weaknesses:

Fetches can have a wide array of powers and weaknesses because of their fluid nature. They typically have some Faerie weaknesses, like cold iron or weakness to Seelie or Unseelie magic.


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