Freya Vanadis

Board Member of Monoc Securities and Major Stock Holder

  • High Concept: Second in Business and Godliness
  • Trouble: Donar’s Family Knows no Bounds

Freya Vanadis sits on the board of Monoc Securities and has the second strongest controlling stake in the company behind the Vadderung family. Freya is a shrewd business woman and a clear vision for the future. Whiles she respects Donar, she finds that the rest of his family are flitting away company resources. Rumor has a lot to say about Freya. She earned her position on the front lines and has personally been to many war zones. She is a woman of mystery and versed in the arts of espionage.

Most importantly, she is really the Goddess Freyja and leader of the Vanir.

Freya Vanadis

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