A Sentient Stone Statue that watches the Ways into the Magic Bazaar

  • High Concept: A Sentient Stone Statue that Watches the Ways
  • Trouble: I’m a Statute, as Cold and Unmovable as the Stone I am cut From

The Gatekeeper is a sentient statue that watches over the Ways that lead to the Magic Bazaar. He ensures the continued neutrality of the place and is a recognized Freeholding Lord in the Accords. Madison Jotunnson seems to be his appointment representative in the mortal world, allowing mortals entrance into the Bazaar from the Mall of America for some kind of toll.

The true power of the Gatekeeper is unknown by most, except that he can keep people from traveling Ways that he watches over.

Events in Falling Star:

Madison Jotunnson shared with the other investigators that he was upset with their actions in the Magic Bazaar during the events Falling Star. Despite this, he, through Madison, vouched for Brittany Winters status as a Freeholding Lord.


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