A Strong Footprint left in the Nevernever


Ghosts, also called Shades, are supernatural entities formed by the psychic footprints of people who are dead as opposed to lingering souls.

  • Varies from Ghost to Ghost

Ghosts aren’t alive, they are a “footprint in stone”, they’re “shaped like the original” human but they aren’t it. They are made up of memories.

The most dangerous ghosts are very substantial and appear to be human feeling real emotion. A shade with a greater sense of self or purpose can maintain its individuality and state of mind.

They do not play by the rules of reality, and they cannot be affected by someone whose presence they do not acknowledge. Most ghosts dwell at the very edges between the Nevernever and the mortal realm, though they can cross over to the mortal realm with relative ease at graveyards and sites of importance during their lives or during Halloween. Faith magic works best against spirits. The Fae can also interact with them. Ghosts are drawn to the magically gifted. Ghosts may also be summoned by ectomancers in order to contact their loved ones, or to gather information.

A ghost’s power may vary according to the strength of the deceased’s psychic presence, varying from shades to very substantial ghosts.

As already mentioned, not all ghosts are of equal power. Weaker shades may just have phantom-like forms, while others may be more defined and substantial. More powerful ghosts may interact with the mortal realm more actively than weaker ghosts.

They can also teleport or possess inanimate objects. The presence of a strong ghost can make the flame on a candle burn “pinpoint-clear”.

Ghosts cannot roam the mortal world between sunrise and sunset, nor can they wander on holy ground. The only way a ghost can manifest is if it is insane.

Ghosts are also vulnerable to ‘ghost dust’, both in and out of the Nevernever. They can be trapped in a circle and then harmed by fire, or blocked by thresholds. When wounded, they bleed ectoplasm.

Ghosts can be sensed by priests, shamans, and people who care for the souls of others. They can also be sensed by dogs, about one in ten can, and cats, who are not very impressed by them.


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