A Charismatic Homeless Girl

  • High Concept: Leader of Lost Girls
  • Trouble: I’ve Seen….Things

Grace is a young charismatic homeless girl who takes other homeless girls under her wing. She is in and out of the Helping Hands Shelter and has recently gone missing. Just one of the many 100s of homeless people who have been disappearing.

Events of Helping Hand and A Band of Barristas:

Jane Doe pleaded with Brittany Winters and Ripley to save Grace from the ghouls at the Helping Hands Shelter. With the aid of the other investigators, John Wesley Jacobs III, Sanya, and Sister Dark; they were able to prevent Evan St. Claire’s ritual and rescue Grace.

In A Band of Barristas, Grace, Jane, and the other “Lost Girls” come to Brittany asking to be taught how to defend themselves, so they won’t keep falling victims to the monsters that roam the night. Brittany takes them in and makes them employees of Sacred Grounds and placing herself under considerable financial strain.

Grace has become one of the primary recruiters of the Lost Girls.


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