Hazard Pay

An Urban Explorer and Graffiti Artist

  • Name: Kate “Hazard Pay” Johnson
  • Age: Why do you wanna know?
  • Sex: Female
  • Faction: Mortals


  • High Concept: Urban Explorer
  • Trouble: Irreverent Smartass
  • Background: History of Delinquency
  • Rising Conflict: Can’t Keep a Bad Girl Down
  • The Story: Make Love, not War
  • Guest Star 1:
  • Guest Star 2:
  • Superb +5: Athletics, Performance
  • Great +4: Alertness, Conviction
  • Good +3: Survival, Presence
  • Fair +2: Empathy, Stealth, Rapport
  • Average +1: Burglary, Contacts, Fists, Resources, Lore
  • Alternate Access: Can use Athletics in place of Burglary to access locked or otherwise barred areas.
  • Public Humiliation: Can use Performance in place of Intimidation to provke and make social attacks
  • Aspect of the Honey Badger: Can Sustain 2 additional Mild Social Consequences
  • *Fake it like You Mean it: *At the cost of a Fate Point or Maneuver, use Performance in place of any Social Skill for a Single Roll.

Skill Points: 35/35
Starting Refresh: 12 (10 + Pure Mortal)
Refresh Spent: -4


(Summary of John’s Notes, to be Replaced When he has More Time.

Hazard Pay grew up alone on the cold on the streets of the Twin Cities. She turned to crime to support herself, getting arrested a few times in the process. She learned to be a lot more careful. To get by she sold scrap and interesting objects to Thomas Owens and after a run-in with some nasty Ghouls she ended up crossing paths with The Lost Girls and Brittany Winters. Before Thomas vanished, he made a more detailed introduction to the other investigators.

Hazard Pay

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