Heo Ga-yoon


Name: Heo Ga-yoon (Korean name, with the surname first)
Age: Appears 28
Sex: Female
Faction: Jade Court

  • High Concept: Heiress and Presumptive Jade Court Noble
  • Trouble: First Born, Second Made

Heo Ga-yoon is a reclusive member of the Heo Clan, Founder of the Heo Medical Group. She is currently the managing board member overseeing the retrofitting of the HCMC building after the waive of current disasters have driven down the standards of care.

Supernatural rumors hold that Ga-yoon is second in line to Heo Clan, a prominent family in the Jade Court. Only her younger brother and father currently stand higher. Unfortunately for her, lineage is determined by when a Jade Court vampire turns, and, rumors only, Ga-yoon, while older, was turned after her brother.

Heo Ga-yoon

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