Jack Vincent

A Cop who Loves his job, Except for all the Criminals

  • Name: Jack Vincent
  • Age: 42
  • Sex: Male
  • Faction: Mortals
  • High Concept: Top Cop on the Major Case Squad who Looks Good in the Spotlight
  • Trouble: There are a lot of Pockets to dip Into, I Wish I had More Hands.

Lieutenant Jack Vincent’s grew up on St. Paul’s East side and always wanted to be a cop. He came from a long line of cops, who were all pretty unremarkable, except rumor has it that his grandfather was “disappeared” by Big Tom when he was lined up to testify against him in court. One would think that would make Jack a crusader of justice and law.

Jack thinks his grandfather was a sucker. He knows that the Twin Cities are looking for a hero and are looking for a way to handle the increase of gang and drug violence that has been occurring lately. Jack saw an opportunity, a chance to get a little more power, a little more fame, maybe a stab at moving up in the world. He pulled in his connections, of which he has many, and was made Chief of Detectives in the Major Case Squad. He has detectives under him who can go and get their hands dirty, while he can wear his white coat and tie and look good for the cameras.

Events of Falling Star:

Detective Lieutenant Jack Vincent charges Detectives Jack Hunter and Aleksander Erikson to investigate Alison Harper’s kidnapping. He reveals a little of his corruption when it appears that he puts out an AB for Brittany Winters as a possible suspect at what seems like the behest of Windsor Simon Pearce. He later suspends the two detectives when Alison Harper turns up dead.

Jack Vincent

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