Kevin Xiong

Accomplished Hmong Doctor Who Runs a Free Clinic


Name: Dr. Kevin Xiong, M.D.
Age: 49
Sex: Male
Faction: Mortals

  • High Concept: Accomplished Hmong Doctor who runs a Free Clinic
  • Trouble: I Care for More Than Just my People

Kevin Xiong is a first generation American. He started from humble upbringings and is a native to Minneapolis. Kevin earned a scholarship where he attended the University of Minnesota and several other prestigious medical schools. He has returned to Minneapolis where he has a successful practice; however he has been putting more of his energy into his Free Clinic.

His Free Clinic has gained local notoriety, with the Steele International Group providing private funding and Mayor David Anderson securing more public funding, Dr. Kevin Xiong is a hero among the poor and homeless.

Kevin Xiong

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