Big Dawg in the Hel's Angels

  • High Concept: Big Dawg in the Hel’s Angels

Lobo loves being a biker almost as much as he likes being a werewolf. He is one of the more notable members of the Hel’s Angels, especially for his quick temper and propensity for violence. He is one of the lieutenants of the gang and is frequently seen in the company of Tiny.

Events of Falling Star and Helping Hand:

Jack Hunter, and later Brittany Winters and Thomas Owens, encounter Lobo and Tiny as the two unnamed Hel’s Angels bikers in West side during Falling Star. They attempted to assail Jack, who had found evidence linking them to Alison Harper’s disappearance. After being soundly beaten, they admitted to being hired by the Latin Kings to kidnap Alison, but she was already taken by the time they arrived.

Lobo, along with Tiny, also led Hel’s Angels bikers against Val and her desire to hunt the Stone Dragon. Thomas first encounters them again during Helping Hand after he is hired by Val. The two were able to drive them off and pursue their goal.

Later Thomas, Val, Brittany, Ripley, Bobby Chan, and Crow Sings find themselves in a car chase with the biker gang as they chase the Stone Dragon through the City. Brittany ends up losing control of her vehicle blocking the highway off, preventing the Hel’s Angels from pursuing Val and Thomas. They are then able to defeat the gang again in combat and send them scurrying away.

It is unclear as to why Lobo, Tiny, and the Hel’s Angels were opposing Val, but it sounds like it had something to do with “Family” issues.


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