Martha Liberty

An Ancient Wizard of Power on the Senior Council (OW 172)

  • Name: Martha Liberty
  • Age: Unknown, most likely very old
  • Sex: Female
  • Factions: White Council
  • High Concept: Senior Council Wizard
  • Aspect: Battle Wizard

Martha Liberty is an extremely tall, more than six feet with grey hair that coil in a bun near her neck who sits on the Senior Council. She is a powerful, battle tested wizard and is someone who will not rattle easy. She has been an active member of Warden Strike teams throughout the course of the Vampire War. Of the Senior Council members, she is rumored to be more fair minded. Those that meet her, aside from noting her height, also comment on her voice is a rich alto. Martha is known for her stern exterior yet wise insight.

Martha Liberty lives with one of her multiple-great-granddaughters and her children.

Events of Helping Hand:

Martha, along with Donald Morgan came to Craig Hale at the close of Helping Hand and promoted him to Warden and named him the Guardian of Witch’s Hat Tower. She also revealed the true purpose of Gleipnir and the presence of the World Chair.

Martha Liberty

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