Mister Brightside

A Crazed Socerer

  • Name: Unknown, goes by Mr. Brightside
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Presumably Male
  • Faction: Outsiders
  • High Concept: A Sorcerer who sees Outisde the Box
  • Trouble: How Come Nobody gets the Joke?
  • Aspect: Laws of Magic are Made to be Broken

Not much is known of Mr. Brightside and little is known about the man he was before he ran afoul of the Outsiders. What is known is that he a Sorcerer of some power and willing to push at boundaries that others feared to tread. He was skilled in traveling the Nevernever, exploring to unknown lands, to lands that should have been left alone. His travels took him to the realms outside of reality and it is their that he succumbed to the whispers.

He walks the mortal realm now cloaked in the power of the Outsiders. Where he goes Chaos and Destruction follow. Those who have seen him, report a tall, ill proportioned man, with eyes wide in terror, and a mouth locked in a manic grin.

Mister Brightside

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