Richie Hernandez

Influential Leader of the Latin Kings Gang

  • High Concept: Lord of the Mean Streets

Richie Hernandez is a man who loves his neighborhood, power and violence. After a recent trip in Columbia in the early 2000s, he returned a new man. Local Police have credited him with destroying most of the other gangs in the St. Paul Metro Area and getting a stranglehold on drug traffic, specifically Red Bliss.

Events of Falling Star:

Richie sought to improve the standing of the Latin Kings, by improving Red Bliss with the blood of Alison Harper, a fallen star. To that end, he had Morgan Hernandez hire Bobby Chan to incorporate the new ingredient into the mixture. Bobby double crossed Richie when he learned that the gang lord was a Red Court vampire and attempted to escape with Rosalie Pearson, a person who was infected by the Red Court. During the escape, Bobby viciously wounded Richie with a sunlight potion to the face. Unfortunately he ended up in the Foshay Tower, right in the lair of the Red Court itself. Susana Valencia took Rosalie hostage and forced Bobby’s assistance in locating Alison Harper.

Later, Bobby, Brittany Winters, and Jack Hunter confronted the Latin Kings to rescue Rosalie. During that confrontation Richie was killed.

Richie Hernandez

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