Susana Valencia

An Ambitious Lawyer and Red Court Vampire in the Ortega Banking Cartel

  • Name: Susana Therasia Ysabel Valencia
  • Age: 27 (Even though rumors place her at around 100)
  • Sex: Female
  • Faction: Red Court
  • Location: Myth
  • High Concept: An Ambitious Red Court Vampire
  • Trouble: Not Built for Cleaning Wreckage, but Making it

Susana Therasia Ysabel Valencia handles Carlos Ortega’s day to day business operations in both the mortal world and the supernatural world. She also takes the lead on more clandestine operations. Very few people get to meet directly with Ortega and before they do, they are screened by Susana. Legal Authorities of the mortal world have had a difficult time in charging her for criminal activities because of her effectiveness as a lawyer and she has become untouchable through legal channels. Susana is known to go for the throat, literally, and has inherited all of her progenitor’s proclivity towards torturing and toying with someone before destroying them.

Nobody ever taught her that it’s not nice to play with your food.

Events of Falling Star and Changing Faces:

During Falling Star, Susana extorted Bobby Chan by taking Rosalie Pearson hostage and requesting that Bobby find Alison Harper and bring her to the Red Court. Susana then leads the Red Court Assault on the IDS Tower. She reveals that she is a potent advesary when she shrugs off Craig Hale’s powerful evocation and returns some of her own. Eventually she is overcome by Brittany Winters and Steve McCellan when the former tore her wing off and then threw her over the side of the Foshay Building.

Currently, Susana has assumed a leadership position admongst the much diminished Red Court. She has relocated some of there operations to holdings in the Maplewood area, beginning with the purchase of the Myth.

Susana Valencia

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