A Changling allied with the Aerie

  • High Concept: Changling Hit Man for the Aerie
  • Trouble: Emissary for the Winter Court

Trick solves problems for Vestele Darkwind that the laws of the fae prevent her from taking a direct hand in. He has the bloodlines of a fae sidhe lord mixed in with his human half and is a useful tool for the Aerie. Trick is as cold as the blood that runs through his veins, a trait that Vestele finds very enticing.

Trick lives in the Twin Cities and is an accomplished artist. He frequents the various art shows, galleries and coffee shops displaying his works which tend to be dark and cool. His unique look has been featured in local magazines and he even had a brief interview on Kare 11.

Events of Falling Star:

Trick represented the Winter Court’s interest in acquiring Alison Harper. He and his Malks attempted to threaten Thomas Owens. Later he ambushed the investigators and was only warned off by some quick words from Aleksander Erikson.

Trick is currently living at the Foshay Tower, newly acquired by the Winter Court. He is currently acting as the Winter Court’s representative in the Twin Cities, as being part mortal allows him to skirt certain rules.


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