Uber Ghoul

Crazed Uber-Ghoul (OW 59)


Uber-Ghouls look like 8’ monsters. They’re more like man-hyena-gorilla than the man-hyena-baboon of typical ghouls. They have a heavier brow ridge, serrated ridges on their cheekbones, and more massive jaws. Their forearms are longer, and their fingers are tipped with claws backed with knobbed ridges of bone.

  • High Concept: Crazed Uber-Ghoul
  • Aspects: Pure Killing Machine

Uber-ghouls are stronger, faster, and tougher than regular ghouls. They may even be functionally immortal. On the upside, they are a remarkably rare sight, don’t seem to live in the mortal world, and they cannot blend. They may have bred with humans to produce the usual ghouls seen in the mortal world.


Unknown, but probably exaggerated versions of the typical ghoul weaknesses.

Uber Ghoul

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