A Tough, Nordic Looking Biker Chick

  • High Concept: Fallen Valkyrie and Biker Chick
  • Trouble: Family Issues
  • Aspect: Death in Battle is Only for the Worthy
  • Val was apart of Alice LaRue’s only criminal charge, which was quickly dropped, that occurred about five years ago when Alice first moved to the Twin Cities. She stopped in the Hell’s Half Acre, and upon entry, immediately started a brawl with Val it only ended when after both beat the other senseless. If you are crazy enough to ask Val about it, she maintains that she won the fight.
  • Val and the Hel’s Angels have delivered some of the more interesting wine vintages and alcohol brews to Blackthorn at the Pig’s Eye Public House. While Blackthorn is willing to let Val drink there, he doesn’t allow any other of the Hel’s Angels to do so.
  • Michael Abernathy has a love hate relationship with Val and the Hel’s Angels. He has been reaching out with one hand regarding drug trafficking, while smash and grabbing their shipments with the other.
  • Peter Capra has threatened Val and the other Hel’s Angels for pushing into his “turf.” A trues, in name only, continues between the biker gang and the Genovese Crime Syndicate since the destruction of the Latin Kings.
  • Val and the Hel’s Angels are the main suppliers of drugs and other illicit goods to the Twin Cities.

A member of Hel’s Angels, Val loves conflict and drama. She loves to be in the center of the action. While she is not as interested in the criminal aspect of the Biker Gang, she enjoys the freedom of the road and from being out from under Odin’s thumb. When Val is not traveling the open road she can be seen managing Hell’s Half Acre. It appears that Val has a position of leadership inside of Hel’s Angels as many members of the motorcycle gang treat her as a figure of respect, if not out right fear, but it is unclear as to what her actual rank is.

Events of Helping Hand:

Val hired Thomas Owens to help her slay a dragon. This action placed Val in direct opposition with her gang. Lobo and Tiny led frequent assaults against her and Thomas to prevent her objective. During the course of Helping Hand, it is revealed that Val hired Thomas as bait to draw out a Fetch of the Winter Court. She appeared to be seeking the Fear of a Fairy Queen, which was in the Fetch’s possession. Her reasons for wanting it are unknown as when the Fetch was defeated by the investigators, the vial was accidentally destroyed by Ripley.


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