Tag: Lost Girls


  • Joanne Dark

    Sister Joanne Dark is new to her faith, she took her sacred vows after serving two tours in Afghanistan and is now living in [[Places | Minneapolis]] on the grounds of The Bascilica of St. Mary. Visitors, day or night, are greeted by her upon their entry …

  • Jane Doe

    "Jane" is a young homeless girl living on the streets of Downtown Saint Paul. She avoids the [[Helping Hands Shelter | Helping Hands Shelter]] like the plague. h6. Events of [[Helping Hand | Helping Hand]] and


    Grace is a young charismatic homeless girl who takes other homeless girls under her wing. She is in and out of the Helping Hands Shelter and has recently gone missing. Just one of the many 100s of homeless people who have been disappearing. h6. …

  • Ripley

    Ripley was born to a mortal dog and a Bitch of the Hunt, the pup was sent to the [[mortals |mortal]] world to hone its skills of survival until she was ready to be reclaimed by the Hunt when it rides again. *Aspect:* Survival of the Fittest h6. …