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  • Richie Hernandez

    Richie Hernandez is a man who loves his neighborhood, power and violence. After a recent trip in Columbia in the early 2000s, he returned a new man. Local Police have credited him with destroying most of the other gangs in the

    Carlos Ortega

    Not much is known about Carlos Basteri Gregoria Ortega, to the mundane world he is a successful and ruthless banker. To the FBI, CIA, and Homeland security he is a suspected money launder for Drug Cartels in South America. To those that REALLY know what …

  • Morgan Hernandez

    Paternal Uncle to [[:richie-hernandez | Richie Hernandez]], and owner of Morgan's Mexican and Lebanese Food and Deli in [[Westside | West Side]]. He accompanied Richie on his trip to South America and assisted him in setting up the lucrative drug trade …

  • Susana Valencia

    Susana Therasia Ysabel Valencia handles [[:carlos-ortega | Carlos Ortega's]] day to day business operations in both the mortal world and the supernatural world. She also takes the lead on more clandestine operations. Very few people get to meet directly …

  • Rosalie Pearson

    Rosalie Pearson grew-up in Tuscon, Arizona where she graduated from high school with high honors. She earned a scholarship at St. Thomas University and moved up to the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota. Yearning from some feeling of home, she moved to