Abandoned Hamm's Brewery and Mansion

The Abandoned Hamm’s Brewery and Mannor


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Theodore Hamm Brewing Company was established in 1865 when Theodore Hamm, a German immigrant, inherited the Excelsior Brewery from his friend and business associate, A. F. Keller. Keller had constructed his brewery over artesian wells in a section of the Phalen Creek valley in St. Paul, Minnesota known as Swede Hollow. Hamm hired Christopher Figg to be his masterbrewer, and by the 1880s the Theo. Hamm Brewing Company was reckoned the second largest in Minnesota.

His son, William, and grandson, William Jr. inherited the operation in 1903. During Prohibition, the company survived by producing soft drinks and other food products, enabling it to expand rapidly through acquisitions after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. In 1968 the company was acquired by Heublein, which sold it to Olympia Brewing Company. MillerCoors now owns the brand and produces three Hamm’s Beers, Premium, Golden Draft, and Special Light. Since 1968, the Brewery and the Hamm’s fortunes have fallen and both buildings have been abandoned and lost to decay.

Locals have mentioned recently seeing the ghost of an individual who looks like Big Tom. This is, of course, just reports from children and homeless individuals and not taken too seriously.

Abandoned Hamm's Brewery and Mansion

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