Are a race of beings worshipped by ancient Germanic peoples. Asgardians not only refer to those residents who lived in Asgard, but groups who were conquered and fell under the dominance of the Aesir. This group is not homogeneous and made up of several groups of people. The Aesir, the Vanir, the Jotunn, the Valkyrie, and the Cursed of Fenrir. There are few “pure” Asgardians and those who do exist are beings of extraordinary power. Most of those called Asgardians would be considered a Scion of various blood lines with inherited abilities. Those who do have Asgardian blood tend to be stronger, longer lived and tougher than your average mortal. Some with the Jotunn blood lines tend to be of larger sized and resilient to cold; while others are infected by the Curse of Fenrir and have succumbed to their more animalistic natures. Whatever the bloodlines, they all seem to have a propensity towards a more “Viking” culture and its trappings. Both Hel’s Angels and Monoc Securities seem to have a lot of Asgardians in their respective organizations.

The Aesir

The Aesir, along with the Vanir, are the oldest race of the Asgardians. They united the Germanic pantheon through a series of wars. The Aesir value war, honor, and power; they numbered many great warriors and great deeds. Noted Aesir include Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr, and Tyr.

The Vanir

The Vanir are of an age of the Aesir, some of the Vanir might argue even older. They engaged in a series of conflicts with the Aesir which resulted in the Aesir-Vanir war. The Vanir were the “losers,” but were able to secure some significant concessions from the conquering Aesir. They are now co-mingled with the Aesir and are in many positions of leadership. The Vanir value mysticism, fertility, and cultivation. Note Vanir include Njord, Freyr, and Freyja.

The Jotunn

The Jotunn, or Frost Giants, are the residents of ice realm of Jotunheimr. They were defeated by the Asgardians after a conflict over territory and were banished to their lands. Many of the Jotunn see themselves as an occupied people and the dominion by the Aesir is one of contention. Some have peacefully intermingled with the rest of Asgardian society, but all feel their lesser social standing. The youngest, “pure” Jotunn was the giant Paul Bunyan who figures in Midwestern lore, suggesting a large population of Jotunn have settled in the Minnesota area. The Jotunn are close to nature and are more animal like than the more humanlike Asgardians. They have great sized and tend to have powers over the cold, the wind, water, and the earth. Other noteworthy Jotunn include Loki, Hel, and the great wolf Fenrir.


A Valkyrie or “chooser of the slain” is one of a host of female figures who decide which soldiers die in battle and which live. Legends hold that they decide which of the slain warriors serve under Odin in Valhalla or serve under Freyja in Folkvangr to prepare for Ragnarok. The Valkyries were once mortal women who were selected by Odin to serve this post. They are all valiant and courageous women of martial talent who most likely died a violent death. Noteworthy Valkyries include Alruna (secret), Brynhildr (battle armor), Eir (help or mercy), Geiravor (spear-vor), Gondul (wand-wielder), Gunnar (battle), Herfjotur (fetter of the army), Herja (devestate), Hlaoguor Svanhvit (swan-white), Hildr (battle), Hervor alvitr (all wise or strange creature), Hlokk (battle noise), Kara (stormy one), Mist (cloud or, more obviously, mist), Reginleif (an exiled Valkyrie, power-trace or daughter of the gods), Rota (sleet and storm), Sigdrifumal (victory-bringer), Sigrun (victory rune), Skogul (shaker or high-towering) and Geirskogul (spear-skogul), Skuld (happening or present), Svipul (changeable), and Pruor (strength).

Cursed by Fenrir

Fenrir is a monstrous wolf of Jotunn blood. He is the son of Loki and half brother of Hel. He was violently rebellious towards the rule of the Aesir and was eventually bound by them beneath the earth, the location noted in many western ideologies at the “Hell Mouth.” Fenrir’s blood is cursed and as part of his treachery he was able to intermingle it with the other Asgardians. Most carry some portion of it which is where their famed “berserking” comes from. Those who carry the taint more strongly suffer some kind of affliction of lycanthropy; some gain an even greater mastery of their taint turning it from a curse to a gift and become true werewolves.


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